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Facebook founder Zuckerberg was investigating alleged hate speech published in German original title: Facebook founder Zuckerberg published by the German investigation on suspicion of hate speech "reporter Aoki German prosecutors at Facebook boss!" Germany, the South German newspaper reported on 6, Munich procuratorate recently confirmed that they are on Facebook CEO Zuckerberg and other executives to investigate and prepare to sue. This is the first time that European countries have investigated Zuckerberg himself. A spokesman for the Munich prosecutor’s office said that due to alleged abetting and helping others publish hatred and seditious text, Munich procuratorate decided to investigate Zuckerberg and other top executives. Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, the European public policy director of Facebook and the German public policy leader, Mr Xis, are all on the list of the respondents in the survey, as well as by. Tian Canzhao, a lawyer from Wuerzburg, Germany, (Chan-joJun) in September launched a complaint against the Munich prosecutor’s office. "Der Spiegel" magazine revealed that the prosecution includes: tolerance has incitement to violence, murder the content of the speech and Holocaust denial etc.. To this end, the lawyer cited 438 Facebook posts – they are all involved in the prosecution, but the past year has not been deleted. He called on the authorities to force Facebook executives to comply with Germany’s ban on hate speech laws, and to remove posts from their web sites that promote violence and racism. Munich procuratorate confirmed the investigation, but did not disclose specific details. Early in June this year, Tian Canzhao to Hamburg procuratorate filed similar complaints, the latter is to have no jurisdiction over refused. However, the Munich prosecutor’s office that the relevant German criminal law applicable to the prosecution, the prosecution has some jurisdiction, it will be accepted. It is understood that the German government has long been dissatisfied with facebook. Facebook had previously said it would ban the use of hate and provocative content and delete the text every day. However, according to the German government, during the influx of refugees in Europe, Facebook can not contain appear on its website contains many racist and threatening language posts, some pornographic content is not deleted. "Facebook is not a place to spread hatred." In a German television interview, a spokesman for the German prosecutors said the allegations were baseless. Facebook and its employees did not violate any law in germany. At the same time, Facebook frequently deleted by mistake caused controversy. Previously, Facebook launched artificial intelligence tools to delete posts, causing multiple deletion events, including the famous "Norway Evening Post" on the home page of the Vietnam girl naked photos blocked. Later, Facebook explained that it was an artificial intelligence tool to identify this picture as pornographic pictures". German media said the German government had been sensitive to the content of the Internet has been stuck in the requirement to delete this level. In September, the German justice minister Maas also with Facebook executives and EU officials met requirements of Facebook to delete illegal thread content. If you were defeated, Facebook will have to delete the illegal content in the future, or Zuckerberg, who will be punished according to law. Editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: