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Zibo welfare love helping poor families in Linzi district to send aid hope Sohu – poor families stranded in love, hope to send welfare. In October 14th, Zibo City welfare center to the Civil Affairs Department of Linzi District, Linzi District, Xindian Street office visit into three destitute families, respectively, they sent 5000 yuan relief funds and rice oil and other supplies, to help them through the difficulties of life. For this special family, but not from welfare care, is supporting their strong life force. Happy families, the hostess suffering from ovarian cancer, the son also had a car accident, resulting in paralysis of the body, welfare staff to see it all in the District of Linzi Xin Dian Jie Dao Zhang Chengcui home, my heart is full of sadness. The morning of October 14th, the Zibo City Welfare Center staff to the Xin Xin Dian Jie Dao community, this trip to aid is 56 year old Zhang Chengcui. Zhang Chengcui is Linzi Tianhe Plastic Co. Ltd. of retired workers after retirement, the monthly pension is not much, but life is happiness. Unfortunately, one after another, first is Zhang Chengcui himself found suffering from ovarian cancer, has spent more than ten million yuan, is still in the hospital for chemotherapy; then, the 31 year old son is young but suffered a car accident, causing paralysis in bed. "Now I can not on the class, there is no income, thanks to her pension, child slightly subsidies, can only rely on the party and the people’s government!" Zhang Chengcui’s husband is now to take care of Zhang Chengcui Niangliang, speaking of the situation at home, do not feel choked.   "I sent you on behalf of Provincial Welfare Lottery Center 5000 yuan of public aid, in the future there are difficulties we will also can help you, hope you can establish the confidence to overcome the disease, to get out of the trouble." When Fucai Center staff will love money and supplies love to Zhang Chengcui hand, she thanks constantly. Farewell to the Zhang Chengcui family, the Zibo welfare lottery center staff immediately came to visit Yu Jia Cun Xin Dian Jie Dao, Niu Xingguo lived here. The 49 year old Niu Xingguo, was an older single men, has been living alone after the parents died of illness. It is good, a few years ago, can find a job in the construction site, earn a living, but now they have diabetes, due to complications is very serious, the body thin skinny, lost the ability to work. A few years ago to earn all their savings are used to heal, now the home is very difficult. Zibo City Welfare Center staff will help and relief items to Niu Xingguo, and wish him a speedy recovery.   when the welfare staff came to Li Jiwen Zibo Shan Xin Dian Jie Dao Wang home, his wife struggling to give him the turnover body. Looked at the sweating wife, Li Jiwen’s face is full of guilt: "to be honest, I was in good health, our house is still very good, did not expect an accident that my legs were paralyzed, also let his wife for his broken heart." Li Jiwen said, three years ago, when his work unfortunately fell down the stairs, legs unconscious, four treatment spent all the family savings, but also owed a debt. In order to take care of his wife long paralyzed in bed he has no job, plus. 淄博福彩爱心帮扶 为临淄区特困家庭送资助希望-搜狐  特困家庭陷绝境,爱心福彩送希望。10月14日,淄博市福彩中心携手临淄区民政部门,走进临淄区辛店街道办事处看望三户特困家庭,分别为他们送去了5000元救助款和米油等生活物资,帮助他们度过生活难关。对于这样的特殊家庭,福彩送来的不但是关爱,更是支撑他们坚强生活的力量。   原本幸福的家庭,女主人患上了卵巢癌,儿子也突遭车祸,导致全身瘫痪,福彩工作人员在临淄区辛店街道张成翠家中看到这一切时,心里满满的都是心酸。   10月14日上午,淄博市福彩中心工作人员来到辛店街道辛化社区,此行要救助的就是56岁的张成翠。张成翠是临淄区天鹤塑胶有限公司退休职工,退休后每月的退休金虽然不多,但生活也算幸福。   然而不幸接踵而至,先是张成翠自己查出身患卵巢癌,目前已花费十余万元,仍在医院进行化疗;紧接着,31岁的儿子正值壮年却遭遇车祸,导致瘫痪在床。“我现在班也不能上了,也没有收入,全靠她一点退休金,孩子残疾稍微有点补贴,只能靠党和人民政府了!” 张成翠的丈夫如今全力照顾张成翠娘俩,说起家里的情况,不觉哽咽。     “我代表省市福彩中心给你送来5000元公益救助款,今后有困难我们也会力所能及的帮助你,希望你能树立战胜疾病的信心,早日走出困境。”当福彩中心工作人员将爱心款和爱心物资交到张成翠手中时,她不停地感谢。   辞别张成翠一家,淄博市福彩中心的工作人员紧接着来到辛店街道毛托村,看望了住在这里的牛兴国。今年49岁的牛兴国,是一位大龄单身男子,父母病故后一直是独自生活。前几年身体好的时候,还能在建筑工地找一份工作,挣钱维持生活,但现在却得了糖尿病,由于并发症非常严重,身体瘦的瘦的皮包骨头,失去了劳动能力。前几年挣的所有积蓄都用来治病了,现在家里十分困难。淄博市福彩中心的工作人员将帮扶款和救助物品交给牛兴国,并祝福他早日康复。     当福彩工作人员来到临淄区辛店街道山王村李继文家中时,他的妻子正在吃力地给他翻转身体。看着满头大汗的妻子,李继文脸上充满了愧疚:“说实话,我身体好的时候,我们家过得还是很不错的,没想到一场意外让我的腿瘫痪了,也让妻子为自己操碎了心。”李继文说,三年前,自己干活的时候不幸从楼上摔下,腿部失去知觉,四处治疗花光了家里所有的积蓄,还欠了外债。妻子为了照顾长期瘫痪在床的他,一直没有工作,再加上孩子上学需要学费,生活陷入囹圄。     “我代表淄博市福彩中心和社会广大的爱心人士来看你,你一定要好好养病,争取早日康复,以后生活遇到什么难题就和福彩中心联系,我们一定竭尽全力帮助你们。”市福彩中心工作人员将5000元爱心款和物资交给了李继文的妻子,她说这些钱他会全部用来给丈夫看病,争取早日让他站起来,也让自己的家庭好起来。   多年来,淄博市福彩中心积极投身社会福利和公益事业,近年来投入200余万元,开展了“爱心黄手环?关爱失智老人”、“福彩爱心奶”、“福彩送福?关爱功臣”、“福彩关爱脑瘫儿童”、“福彩送福 寒冬送暖”等一系列公益救助活动,生动的诠释了福利彩票“扶老、助残、救孤、济困”的发行宗旨,履行了福利彩票“取之于民,用之于民”的社会责任和承诺。相关的主题文章: