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Zhuzhou’s 25 year old guy has grown out of the "C Cup" because it likes to eat this! Source: Zhuzhou legal channel livelihood breasts can give young women beautiful points, but a young man on the implants long in the body, it is "spoil the enthusiasm". In the middle of September, a hospital in Zhuzhou took over a patient named arlin (the name of the chemical) about 25 years old. Arlene looks very handsome, have angular face and burly figure. However, the doctor discovered the abnormally inferiority of the young man. He was a man with a male breast hypertrophy. After the measurement, the chest is 99cm Alin nipple, the breast under the folds of chest 88.5cm, has reached the standard C cup. Original title: love to eat this food in Zhuzhou 25 year old gang had a "C Cup"! It is understood that the young people like to eat fried chicken legs, fried chicken wings and other food, sometimes even do not even eat, only eat fried chicken leg chicken wings. As the group grows and matures day by day, the breasts are also indescribable. Doctors say a lot of people eat food that is not healthy, such as eating a lot of meat every day. Today’s aquaculture industry will use a lot of additives in the feed, and additives contain a large number of female hormones, excessive intake will lead to gynecomastia. Male mammary gland development is mostly in adolescence or old age male breast hypertrophy, also known as male female type breast, is a common disease in plastic and cosmetic department. The main manifestation is male unilateral or bilateral breasts are female like growth, hypertrophy, sometimes with milk like secretions, mostly from male puberty (12-17 years old) or old age (50-70 years old). The pathology of male mammary hypertrophy is generally divided into fibrous, large nodular, secretory and fatty type. Its occurrence is related to hormonal imbalance, and can also be accompanied by some systemic diseases, such as hemodialysis, liver dysfunction, hyperthyroidism, testicular tumor and so on. The doctor said: drink honey, royal jelly, vitamin E and all kinds of supplements, health care products and so on may also lead to the development of gynecomastia, which contain more estrogen, and it is difficult to metabolize clean. In addition to bad lifestyle, patients with abnormal liver function may also suffer from this disease. Because of the abnormal function of the liver, the female hormone in the body can not be inactivated. In addition, the long-term medication of hypertension patients will affect the metabolism of estrogen. Some patients who do not obey the doctor’s advice will also cause gynecomastia.

株洲25岁小伙离奇长出“C罩杯”就因为爱吃这个!   来源:株洲法制民生频道   丰满的胸部能给年轻女性的美丽加分,但一对丰乳长在年轻小伙身上时,就有点“大煞风景”了。   9月中旬,株洲市某医院接诊了一位25岁左右名叫阿林(化名)患者。阿林长得很帅,有棱角分明的脸和魁梧的身材。然而接诊以后医生才发现小伙子异常的自卑,原来他是一名男性乳房肥大症的患者。经测量,阿林经乳头胸围为99cm,经乳房下皱襞胸围为88.5cm,已经达到C罩杯标准。   原标题:爱吃这种食物 株洲25岁小伙竟长出了“C罩杯”!   据了解,小伙非常爱吃炸鸡腿、炸鸡翅等食物,有时候甚至连饭都不吃,只吃炸鸡腿鸡翅。随着小伙一天天的发育成熟,乳房也莫名其妙跟着变大。医生说,现在很多人吃的东西并不健康,比如每天摄入很多肉类食品。如今的养殖业会在饲料中运用很多添加剂,而添加剂里就含有大量的雌性激素,摄入过多,就会导致男性乳腺发育症。   男性乳腺发育症 多起于青春期或老年期   男性乳房肥大症又称男子女性型乳房,是整形美容科常见疾病。主要表现为男子一侧或双侧乳房呈女性样发育、肥大,有时有乳汁样分泌物,多起于男性青春期(12-17岁)或老年期(50-70岁)。男性乳房肥大症病理大体可分纤维型、大结节型、分泌型及脂肪型。其发生与体内激素失调有一定关系,亦可伴发于一些全身性疾病,如血液透析治疗后、肝功能受损、甲状腺功能亢进、睾丸肿瘤等。   医生说:   喝蜂蜜、蜂王浆、吃维生素E以及各种补药、保健品等也可能导致男性乳腺发育症的发生,这些东西所含雌激素较多,难以代谢干净。   除了不良生活方式外,肝功能异常者也可能患此病。因为肝功能异常后,将造成体内雌性激素不能被灭活。   另外,高血压患者长期服的药品将影响到雌激素的代谢,一些患者不遵医嘱乱服药,也会造成男性乳腺发育症。相关的主题文章: