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Zheng Shuang Zhang Yishan told you, were not so important idol [Abstract] you will love a perfect idol or a flawed star? Eight I know miss you, is the most understand the female children’s entertainment! Little attention to the understanding of WeChat entdong get more gossip information. Zheng Shuang recently accepted an interview, the interview content is really real upright, not only that the kiss was very edgy and asked when the feeling state also a quick 1200 words. Although caused a lot of hot, but people still feel that she loves Zheng Shuang "upright", and those who have been the official rhetoric of artists, not the same as. This is reminiscent of some time ago, more than two Zhang Yishan drunk in the street. After being exposed, the crowd would not blame him for his injustice, think he is also the ordinary people feel the paparazzi. It is so clear drops in the past, if put in a set of perfect estimation of idol, that is, half ruined future. There is no lack of entertainment perfect idol set, but accidentally exposed, the collapse of the people, really many. For example, once the quality of young Wu Yifan. Before he became the king, he was almost a man of god. Tall, handsome, healthy, meaning, but in June 14th of this year, micro-blog called @ G Na users drying out her chats with Wu Yifan, questioned why he suddenly disappeared. For a time, the media have, as Wu Yifan fans desperate to maintain the "good man" image, but also broke a series of several of the same nature chats. Since then, Wu Yifan "about gunport" has become a hot topic. Wu Yifan also desperately from the company to create a male god, night fell into a gun king, or the whole world through the old driver oh. Private life with God image of the gap is too large, "as Wu Yifan flow" smooth "transition" into a group of ridicule. If there is no male image of the beginning of the image of the burden, perhaps this privacy leaks will not produce so many negative effects. Therefore, people, is very important for the star. In order to booming career in the entertainment business, almost every artist has been set up. What are the people? Is jointly built by the brokerage firm, stars, fans, stars have a targeted audience based image. I set up image and the real situation may be the same, may also be different, sometimes contrast. The general people, will do, baby, listen to the words, all in accordance with the company planned to. For example, at the beginning of the last century, the Hongkong entertainment circle have been Vivian Chow teen star, the celebrity, but the market needs herself ah, so, just started the beauty of Cecilia Cheung, was built into a new generation of Hongkong jade. Sing "xingyuxinyuan", play the innocent girl deeply…… BUT, I can be with her, which were completely different Oh, even she admits "I’m not a lady". Well, then all things, certainly prove that she is a good actor, good Mommy, but not the company building, people look forward to the lady". No matter people ah, people think you speak first? How does this look like? People is the star of the umbrella, but once exposed, it became fatal. For example, Dong Jie, remember that holding a flower, holding an umbrella, wearing the student with the cold autumn? This]相关的主题文章: