Zhangzhou water sluice damaged sea water and poured tens of acres of farmland for 1 days and flooded-isobuster

Zhangzhou: the sluice is damaged, and dozens of acres of farmland have been flooded, and 2 days have been flooded for 1 days. The water in the field has not yet been exhausted. It will usher in the next wave of water two times a day, which can worry the villagers of Longhai, the village of the north shore of the West Village of Purple mud. It turned out that the water sluice in the village was damaged, causing the water to pour into the water and the farmland was flooded. In this regard, in the afternoon of September 21st, Guo Futuan, director of the village of Xi Liang village, said that the water conservancy department had applied for rerepairing the sluice. Scene: the water is not yet exhausted, but also flooded for 21 days and 13 days. The Yellow River water is everywhere in the landscape tree planting forest near the nine Longjiang embankment near the north bank. This plantation has more than 10 mu, which is contracted by the villagers Guo Jianyi. He planted more than 20 thousand landscape trees, such as rich banyan and chameleon. The soft soil soaked in the sea could not make the seedlings stand upright, and he had to ask the workers to put up the tree seedlings. But due to the long was immersion, the soil appeared in numerous crab cave, "these crabs will gnaw capillary roots of trees, resulting in slow growth of trees." Guo Jianyi said. "Almost every day is flooded two times, once in the morning, once in the afternoon. These days are just an astronomical tide, and the water poured in is bigger. " Guo Jianyi said more than 80 acres of plantation and farmland were soaked in seawater every day. Countermeasures: the culprit has been applied for reconstructing the sluice, which leads to the flooding of plantation and farmland, and the villagers directly refer to the sluice on the bank. The "hidden" sluice in the grass was made of stone strips, surrounded by sundries and dilapidated. There are many cracks in the stone strip, and the part of the embankment has been loosened. On the other side of the sluice, a deep pool of water is passing through the embankment and reflow to nine Longjiang. "This hole is the biggest, when the tide is rising, water is poured in from here." One of the villagers said. 21, 15 pm, the "party", soon, planting forest water rose rapidly, less than half an hour, just can walk the ridge, has been submerged in water. To this end, Guo Futuan said that the sluice had been broken, and it could only rely on manual lifting, and the staff of Purple mud town water conservancy management station came to see that it was rebuilt. The village has already applied to the water conservancy department at the higher level. "It should be allocated at the end of the year and start the bidding and repair the Sluice at the time." At present, it can only be poured everywhere, and send people to block up. Once we find out the situation, we must ask the villagers to reflect in time to the village, so we can send someone to solve it.

漳州:水闸损坏海水倒灌 数十亩农田1天淹2次   田里的水还未退尽,又将迎来下一波潮水,一天两次,这可愁死了龙海紫泥镇西良村北岸社的村民。   原来,是村里的水闸损坏,导致海水倒灌,农田被淹。   对此,9月21日下午,西良村村主任郭福团称,已经向水利部门申请重修水闸。   现场:水未退尽又要被淹   21日13时许,北岸社靠近九龙江堤岸的景观树种植林里,到处可见黄色的积水。   这片种植林,有10多亩,是村民郭建义承包的。他在此种植了富贵榕和变色木等景观树,共2万多株。被海水浸泡得松软的泥土,根本无法让树苗挺立,他只好请工人给树苗搭架子。   而由于长期遭海水浸泡,土壤里出现了无数的螃蟹洞,“这些潮蟹会啃噬树木的毛细根茎,导致树木成长缓慢。”郭建义说。“几乎每天都要被淹两次,早上一次,下午一次。这几天刚好是天文大潮,倒灌进来的水更大。”郭建义说,每天有80多亩的种植林和农田遭海水浸泡。   对策:已经申请重建水闸   而导致种植林和农田被淹的罪魁祸首,村民直指堤岸上的水闸。   这个“藏”在草丛里的水闸,由石条砌成,周边堆满了杂物,破旧不堪。石条出现了多处缝隙,连接堤岸的部分已经松动。水闸另一侧,一滩深深的积水正穿过堤岸,向九龙江倒流。“这个洞最大,涨潮时,水就是从这里倒灌进来的。”一名村民说。   21日15时许,潮水“如约而至”,很快,种植林里的积水快速上涨,不到半个小时,刚才还可以行走的田埂,已被海水淹没。   对此,郭福团表示,这个水闸已经坏了,平时只能靠人工升降,紫泥镇水利管理站工作人员来看过,说得重建。村里已经向上级水利部门提出申请,“应该年底资金就能拨下来,到时就开始招投标,重修水闸”。目前而言,只能哪里出现倒灌,就派人去堵,“一旦发现情况,也请村民们及时向村里反映,我们好派人去解决”。相关的主题文章: