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Zhangzhou eight inkpad: father and daughter in a drama   go "double level" to promote road – Fujian Channel – people.com.cn original title: Zhangzhou Babao inkpad: father and daughter in a drama "double level" promotion of road and the two are making eight inkpad. The protection of intangible cultural heritage and culture, is the consensus of many people, but how will the "intangible cultural heritage" in the promotion of good, and many people find it difficult to! However, in Zhangzhou, eight inkpad inheritors of Yang Xiwei and her daughter has launched a production and sales of double level marketing works, out of the road — father of special responsible for high-end works, leading the transformation and down skills; the daughter is to implement the "Internet plus", users can plan mass consumption products, and the realization of "wide dissemination of cultural heritage". Innovation is the survival foundation of Zhangzhou is the second batch of eight inkpad, Chinese time-honored brands, has 300 years of history, is a national intangible cultural heritage". However, heritage Yang Xiwei face reporters, talking is a "change" word: "including eight inkpad," intangible cultural heritage "project, to be big, way is nothing more than increasing the potential consumers, enhance the ‘vitality’. And the key to do this, we must rely on innovation, both traditional methods, but also do not rigidly adhere to the predecessors, to adapt to the changing times." Because of their own system and management factors, the last century at the beginning of 90s, Zhangzhou had gone downhill eight inkpad factory. After Yang Xiwei took over, adding new medicines based on old recipe, adjust the formula before and after the order of indonesia. Rebirth of Babao inkpad, using extreme air temperature can be high or low to 120 DEG to -15 DEG C, a hundred years without discoloration. Yang Xiwei, he is now best, making the main high-end indonesia. "The top of Indonesia, which contains a lot of gold, will not fall off color, the price is relatively high." He said. Another "forcing" marketing Yang Xiwei is planning, Zhangzhou is another "intangible cultural heritage" — Clark porcelain made inkpad box, create a pair of "non left" products. "I want to use the" intangible cultural heritage "eight inkpad bring other products, promote each other. We can also create daffodils in Clark porcelain, the promotion of Zhangzhou culture. Nianhao, at the bottom of the box on the next moment, it is a collection of historical dates. With this, we will be able to win the high-end market." He said. "Non left" opportunities in the online Internet era, 80, 90 young people’s life is more dependent on the network. In addition to highbrow high-end boutique, "excellent products of civilian price must also appear in large numbers. Then, three years ago, Yang Xiwei was invited to the University’s daughter Yang Yu to participate in the network promotion to indonesia. Yang Yu had to follow father Indonesia, familiar with products. Soon, she organized a young team on the Internet opened two stores, WeChat, Taobao and other tools to expand network sales. "China, especially the northern consumers do not know much about eight inkpad. So, we have to do is through the photos and text, introduces the historical origin of eight inkpad, so that they have confidence in the product. Marketing, is to continue to do activities, such as the Mid Autumn Festival, national day and other festivals to promote相关的主题文章: