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Zhang Huiwen self evaluation is not good enough to praise the performance of the boyfriend boyfriend MAX absolutely did not expect, you are such a Zhang Huiwen…… Born in 1993, 21 years old will be "girl" aura possessed girl, meet after five minutes to refresh her in the "return" "Gardenia open" "in the" apostle Walker gave us the impression — not so serious, but without a sharp Xinhen, is a short laugh, Yan Yan weird little girl next door. As the movie new nonprofessional, Zhang Huiwen has no access traces in the face of occupation, has said, go straight. Her own past performance evaluation "look too hard", "lines, the diaphragm should be" revealed privately for line teacher, a little bit of effort to improve; many male God worked, she bluntly is the most admired Nick Cheung’s mature, many Olympic Games period or a sister Sun Yang was used; elder sister and Liu Shishi [micro-blog], and other than the girl, and what "four little star, she said care not all, bow to run forward, do yourself. Speaking of the film and television circles have not been suspected plastic face this stalk, Zhang Huiwen laugh: "probably because my face is relatively large!" The new benefit is that everything is uncut, natural carving. She admits that she is still not the exact cause of the planning, and therefore continue to challenge different styles of work, the future of the film, television, variety shows, fashion events will try. Her latest film is the South Korean director Guo Zairong, she and ouhao [micro-blog] starring love movie "call for love" in the center of the world, August 26th national release. I believe in this movie, you will see a warmth you have not seen Zhang Huiwen. Self acting girl: look strong, upright lines should diaphragm…… For private classes, slowly find their own feelings: "call for love" Sina entertainment in the center of the world in you not only featuring actress, also staged fatal whirlwind tears scenes, you feel the challenge? Zhang Huiwen: in fact, I do not cry, mainly in Ho brother, he cried a lot more than me. Crying drama is not too much pressure, it is the role of it, the mood is very easy. Sina entertainment: you not Keban acting background, now face the strong emotions show think it will have HOLD live? Zhang Huiwen: I did not, I think my biggest problem is that lines are not good enough, I am behind the main line is to. The role is not bad, because there is no age span and some of the things that are difficult to play, the role of several of the play is still OK. Sina entertainment: how do you do your homework? Zhang Huiwen: in fact, it is not difficult to back down the line, it is difficult to say after the integration of the role. I am looking for a teacher to my class lines, finished the "open Gardenia" I discovered that this problem is very serious, so look for a teacher to class. Zhang Huiwen "Gardenia open" partner Li Yifeng Sina entertainment: you feel is a very serious problem? Does anyone else say so? Zhang Huiwen: say, my friends around, or when I look back, will feel相关的主题文章: