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Marketing Move over eBay, theres a new site in town! Zap Deal is a brand new online auction site that is turning the online auction world upside down. Why? Because Zap Deal has created something called reveres auctions. In a reveres auction, for more details visit to the bidder causes the price of the auction item to go down instead of up. Let me repeat that, the price of the item goes down. It actually keeps going down until it reaches zero, than the last bidder wins the item for free. Thats why we call it online auction entertainment. You cant sell anything on Zap Deal, only the site owners list items. And, all items on Zap Deal are brand name, brand new items. Items like a brand new 2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, and many different bipods and phones, Mac Notebooks, Nintendo Wigs, and the list just keeps going on. Everything is brand new and maintains the factory warranties. How can Zap Deal afford to put on an online auction like this? Well, it really is a simple yet very smart concept. Let me explain. Lets take a brand new Nintendo Way that would sell for $350. It would be listed on Zap Deal and start at $350, but the price is always hidden. Every time someone clicks on that item the current price is revealed to them and the item price drops 20 cents. This continues to happen until eventually the price reaches zero, at the time the last bidder wins the item. Now, the key on this is every time you click on the item to reveal the current price it costs you 1 credit. 1 credit equals anywhere from 50 cents to 2 dollars. Remember, the price only dropped 20 cents on that click where you spent 50 cents. So on every click there is a 30+ cent profit for the company. You may be thinking, Thats not that great of a deal, spend 50 cents to save 20. Thats where you are wrong, because if you are the last person to click on it before it reaches zero, you just spent 50 cents to buy a $350 Nintendo Way. Thats why its called Online Auction Entertainment. Its an entertaining social game. You are competing with people allover the world to be the last person to click and the winner wins the item. Zap Deal has positioned itself as the new social networking site, for more details visit to .auctions-profits.. the latest and greatest gaming site, and a legitimate way save big money on great brand name items. The people who win these items will tell you, the reward is worth the cost. Now, Zap Deal has several other auction styles as well, the bid to zero I just described is simply the most .mon one. I re.mend heading over there and checking it out for you. You just might win that 2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. At the very least youll have a good time. You can also go to Google and do a search for Zap Deal and find out some more information about this unique and fun online auction. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: