Your Words Create Your World So Throw Away The Dictionary-nvidia geforce gt 740m

UnCategorized Your words create the fabric of your reality. They give voice to your thoughts. They can be like seeds lying dormant. Then suddenly they sprout and explode with emotional intensity. Sending shock waves of pain or pleasure flooding through the body. They can be ghosts from the past. Or the voices of angels that give us inner strength. Tell me, do you engage in positive mind-talk? Saying powerful words to yourself. Yeah right! We all need to be aware of the power of words. First, you need to start creating your own dictionary of words. Change the meanings of words to fit your feelings. Just because the Oxford Dictionary says a word has a particular meaning. So what? You create the meaning inside your mind and body. I am talking about certain words and the feelings they generate. Make words fit you. Choose, use or lose them. In a way that empowers you. Words are the flowers of your thoughts. The quality of your vibrations is carried in your words. These vibrations affect or infect your world. Colouring how you perceive life experiences. Choose your words carefully. For example some people believe you should not use the word "want". They say it means I have a lack of. I am wanting for something. Well that is their opinion. I like the word "want". It captures the feeling of hunger for me. It means I am hungry for something. I want to change. I want to succeed. For me the word want is powerful. It focuses my energy. In my dictionary the word want is a power word so I will use it. It might not mean the same for you. That is why you must choose your own words. Create your own dictionary. In moments of great agony or ecstasy, we use power words. Be aware of the words you use in high energy moments. Raw energy sounds. Words from your native tongue. This is your own dictionary of life. Now on the same token if you are attracting negative experiences more then positive. The first thing is look at your words. How are you wording your experiences? Probably the energy and the mind-state behind your choice of words is crappy. Get a grip of your thoughts. Here is something I suggest you use right now. The 2 Minute Moaner Rule. Moan, cuss and .plain 100% for 2 minutes. In front of a mirror. Go hard out moaning for 2 minutes. Swearing is .pulsory. Be.e the worst, most foul, negative person you can be for 2 minutes. If you can make yourself puke into the toilet bowl, even better. After this mental vomit is out, wipe your mouth. Wash your face with cold water. Then look yourself in the mirror, say "Ahhh, that feels a lot better". You have to be a hard task master with yourself. If you want to make changes then you have to be hungry to change. You have to want it. Not just think the right thoughts and say the right words but make the right movements. You have to move the body. You have to change the words .ing out your mouth. You have to turn down the moaning words. Turn up the powerful words. One thought at time. One word at a time. Repeat it 10-15 times. Move your body in alignment with the thought. One thought at a time. One word at a time. You go deep first before going high. A seed grows down before it shoots up. Right now, think a power word or phrase eg "I succeed". Say the phrase "I succeed". Now tense your arm muscles and fists as if making a max effort while thinking and saying the phrase " I succeed". Do this 10-15 times with intensity. Maybe stamp your feet as you say these power words with actions. This is like a Maori haka or a movement form connecting mind and muscle. You are priming your mind and pumping your muscles. Embedding new beliefs into your buzzy being. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: