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Travel-and-Leisure Selecting a Grand Cayman Villa Rental Planning for your Grand Cayman vacation entails brainstorming on where you really want to be and how much you are willing to pay for it. Grand Cayman Villas are available from 1 bedroom to as many as 5 bedrooms. They are usually located at the Seven Mile Beach, right where the action is. Some of them are Regal Beach, Coral Stone Club, Crescent Point, Grandview, Meridian, Treasure Island, Whitesands, Beachcomber, Coral Reef, Discovery Point, Pappagallo, Poinsettia and Sundowner. Others are also located at the more quiet side, on the North Sound at the Rum Point Area or Cayman Kai which has Kaibo Yacht Club, Habana, Barefoot Kai, Kailypso, Bellagio, Thatch Hill, Blue Lagoon, Sea Cove, Calypso Blue, Cool Change, Ecstasea, Emmanuel, Fantasea, Great Escape, Halcyon Days, Kaiconut, Kirk Cove, La Playa, The Pools, Och Kai, Starboard Point, Pelican Point, Pieces of Eight, and Two Rainbows. There are really a lot to choose from even in other areas like Coco Kai, On the Bay, Caribbean Paradise, Seaspray, Windsong, Pease Bay House, The Pink House and Mahogany Cove. Size, elegance and season determine how much the rate is with prices ranging from $100 to $2500. Top Grand Cayman Beaches The powder white sand beaches of the island is one main reason why tourists opt to have their Grand Cayman vacations. Top choice is the Seven Mile Beach which stretches for 9 kilometers hugging the west coast and hosts the majority of the major resorts and restaurants on Grand Cayman. Here at this beach you have a wide array of watercraft and water sports choices like parasailing and snorkeling aside from swimming or soaking in the sun on its seashores. There is also a public beach in a quieter section of the Seven Mile Beach. On the North Sound is Rum Point that is best for snorkeling as it is protected by a barrier reef. There are also other popular beaches all over the Grand Cayman like the Sunrise Villas Secluded Beach, Smiths Cove, Water Cay, South Sound Cemetery Beach, the West Bay Public Beach and Spots Beach. The beach is almost always a guarantee of ultimate enjoyment and these Cayman beaches are no exception. Cavorting with Feathered Friends in the Grand Cayman The marine creatures as well as the fine feathered friends who have made the Grand Cayman their home, permanently or temporarily are sure to be protected in these island. The chance to go and bird watch on their Grand Cayman vacations have enticed many bird lovers and watchers alike. There are over 200 various species of unique and colorful birds during the peak season including those who have left their colder homes for the warmer climate of the islands. There are five colonies of the native brown booby, red-footed booby, least tern, and white-tailed tropic bird together with the beautiful West Indian woodpecker and stripe-headed tanager. These birds are easily found at any of the seven bird sanctuaries like the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, Colliers Pond, Salina Reserve, and the Majestic Reserve. There is also a 180-acre parrot reserve as well as a Booby Pond Reserve for aquatic birds on the two other Cayman Islands. Avid bird watchers now have more reason to go to the Grand Caymans. Top Places to Snorkel in the Grand Cayman One of the activities that will create unforgettable memories of your Grand Cayman vacation is snorkeling in its crystal clear waters and seeing the colorful marine life. One noteworthy snorkeling site is the Stingray City Sandbar. Termed as the worlds best 12 foot dive with a sandy sea bottom, it can be found on the North Sound part of the island. Have that once in a lifetime experience of being surrounded by a great number of the graceful Southern Stingrays and Yellowtail Snappers. Your snorkel guide might probably bring squid morsels that you can feed these sea creatures with. Coconut Harbor, Sunset House, Smith Cove, Eden Rock, Paradise Reef and Cemetery Reef are also recommended snorkeling areas. Water sports centers and resorts have packages that include boat rental and snorkeling gear, snorkel guide and free drinks onboard. You can likewise get snorkeling lessons at the same time. A vacation in the Grand Caymans is never complete without these water sports. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: