You can be kind, but don’t let your guard down! –

You can be kind, but don’t let your guard down! Sohu read this article, please click on the blue font above this "women’s diary A" and then click on the "attention", so you can continue to receive articles free of charge. Every day to share. Completely free subscription, please rest assured! The purpose of a busy life is to enjoy life, to return to the parents, to satisfy the lover, and the busy result is not to enjoy life, to stay away from the parents, to neglect the lover. What events, what to say, too care about the feelings of others, to live for others, as long as their own good, not selfish, arrogant not good, don’t put your God, you can’t take care of all of people’s feelings, you will only make yourself sick. You can be kind, but don’t relax your vigilance to the society, because some people are not people at all. The poor man does not matter, but the poor have a temper. The ugly woman does not matter, but ugly and lazy. Some memories, through all the time, and perhaps only through entanglement, The imprint is engraved on my heart., too, to see another clear.相关的主题文章: