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Yi: youth in ice water "into the foil blocking the fish immediately into the fire room core tip: good day plumbing, can under water dry. If the water cloudy, Biaofei flesh can stay for seventeen or eight minutes, I like this "lean" will have to come up for ten minutes. Up to people, and immediately got into the room. This paper from the youth data figure: Maple network, author: anonymous, the original title: the Great Northern Wilderness youth: ice cold and sweating like fish in the spring time, in order to let the fish, the fish mouth blocking beam is open. Bamboo foil or iron foil or the whole take off. Let the fish swim boldly and freely. Just like the song sung "sister you boldly go upstream! Go upstream, don’t go back to head!" The more we mean autumn catches on. But you can’t always open the door, when the door is closed, it is related to the number of fish caught. Our commander in chief of the joint forces of the United States and the United States is always the most anxious to put people under the foil. We can break through the foil to the class of our brothers, it is not a good thing. Red foil, is people dive into the water, will foil the bottom level, the foil is next to the bottom, with a stone on the foil foot, not to leave any gaps. A small hole, you can run a number of fish. As mentioned earlier, fish are organized and do not know how to communicate information, but there is no doubt that they have this ability. Not only is the foil position and all corners of the place to hand over to check one inch touch. Live not tired, can not do it, feel the stones across the river to say, but really want to touch, not so easy. We are often scratched by branches and stones. Then, water cooling. At the end of April, just spring, the ice is full. But the river and no penetration, or cold, the water is cold, cold rolling head"! A man down, immediately felt frozen, and also lose control, but also have to get the work done to do. We take turns in the water, no one can escape. We had the PPE is farmland shoes and a sweater trousers, is self-defense to be scratched. These things can stop the cold, as long as one into the water, a chill straight into the forehead, like what soul like, do not know what to go, anyway, the body that the hot suddenly went to the island of Java, purple lips, speak politely immediately than usual a lot. "Hurry up, hurry up and get ready."!" But not so much. The above question: "do you have a hole?" "No! No!" Never say "no"." The word. "How many more baskets?" "!!" Two fingers stretched. It looks like a pinch gesture to repair the Buddha lotus years, with a very tremulous, unique beauty. Brain is numb, the poor did not feel, is really no mind. I learned what "meditation", "meditation" very quickly, and then estimate the water, brain is not to numb the. The main work is to break the foil under water, to hold one’s breath (saying "diving"), what to do under the water? The horizontal beam vertical pile tied together; the two piece of foil with the edge of hemp rope tied up near the river; check foil where there is no gap, the gap to stone block; to do the position of long bamboo grate inserted by location,相关的主题文章: