Yao Zhenhua when the market is difficult to respond to the call to join the leading companies puritans pride

Yao Zhenhua: the market is difficult to respond to the call in the leading company Yao Zhenhua said, insurance funds play scale advantages and difficulties in the capital market actively respond to national call, increase the industry leading company configuration efforts, to become strategic investors, long-term firm cornerstone investors. Oriental IC data figure Yao Zhenhua: call in leading companies respond to market difficulties, long-term strategic investors surging news reporter Li Xiaoqing in September 23rd, Boland Group Chairman Yao Zhenhua attended the third session of the Guangdong Summit Forum and delivered a speech. Guangdong business conference by the United Front Work Department of Guangdong provincial Party committee, the provincial Commission by letter, the Provincial Federation of Industry Co sponsored, has been held three times. Participate in the forum of EVOC hi-tech holdings group board chairman Chen Zhilie, vice chairman of Guangdong Galanz group, Zhaoxian beam Xiangjiang Group CEO Zhai Meiqing, Boland Group Chairman Yao Zhenhua and other eight guangdong. At the forum, Yao Zhenhua will be able to define real estate as the city’s integrated operators". Yao Zhenhua said, as of the first half of 2016, Baoneng real estate development of more than and 50 comprehensive property projects in the more than and 20 major city, in the area of building the core area of the core city land reserves of more than 20 million square meters. At the same time, Yao Zhenhua said that the traditional real estate development model has been unable to meet the diverse needs of customers and high quality, but only to the government to bring disposable income, the limited role of physical pull. For Vanke equity dispute, although Yao Zhenhua did not directly mention Vanke, but on the day of the speech, Yao Zhenhua said, "the play of insurance funds scale advantages, difficulties in the capital market, actively respond to national call, increase the industry leading company configuration efforts, as strategic investors, long-term firm cornerstone investors, long-term development support of listed companies." As of July 6, 2016, treasure energy system shares held by Vanke A (000002.SZ) of the share capital has reached 28.83%, accounting for the total share capital of Vanke reached $25.4%. In the field of finance, Yao Zhenhua said that the current treasure has formed a life insurance, property insurance, insurance brokers, insurance sales, raised funds, private equity funds, Internet banking, third party payment, credit rating and microfinance comprehensive financial layout in the financial industry. In this regard, Yao Zhenhua said for example, in recent years, Baoneng group using equity, debt, funds and other investment vehicles, to explore the pension and health industry development model, support for technological innovation and development of strategic emerging industries, to support the construction of city major infrastructure etc.. The Qianhai insurance shares more than A shares of listed companies, Yao Zhenhua said: "Qianhai life investment, glass A, torch high, shaonenggufen A shares of listed companies, are engaged in engineering glass and solar glass, food and health care products, new energy and new materials business, is the vanguard of the same industry leading technology, has a national and even global in multiple segments. After the shares of the company in the scope of business, operating efficiency and operating results have been significantly improved, effectively promoting the growth and transformation of the real economy. At the same time, the company also led to a substantial increase in the performance of Qianhai life has brought a good return on investment, to achieve a positive interaction between the financial and industrial production.相关的主题文章: