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Xu Yuyu case prime suspect Surrender: hiding in the mountains a few days the family to persuade them to Shandong Xu Yuyu of Linyi Telecom fraud case number one suspect Chen Wenhui arrested. East IC figure Xu Yuyu case number one suspect outside the home of Chen Wenhui, put a few small tea processing machinery, planting and selling tea was the main income of the family. Chen Wenhui’s family is a 3 storey brick blank, outside the house without decoration. A few small tea processing machines in a small tent outside the house, like other farmers in the village, were the main income of the family. The evening of August 27, 2016, Shandong Linyi Xu Yuyu telecommunications fraud number one suspect Chen Wenhui arrested. The news quickly appeared in the major information platform, including Chen Wenhui’s father, Chen Ming (a pseudonym) in the phone. Look at the mobile phone news appeared in the son of Chen Ming photos, he shook his head and sighed. Uncle Chen Wenhui told the surging news (), that evening, he found Chen Wenhui’s family in Yongchun County on a mountain, at this time Chen Wenhui has been hiding in the mountains for a few days. The family after persuasion, Chen Wenhui to the Anxi County Public Security Bureau to surrender the phone. Subsequently, the police will take away. August 19th, Shandong, Linyi girl Xu Yuyu received a telephone fraud section 171, cheated tuition fees 9900 yuan. Xu Yuyu after the alarm on the way home to cardiac arrest, the final rescue of sudden death. According to CCTV 27 evening news, as of now, the six suspects in the case, 5 people have been arrested, another suspect Zheng Xiancong also fled, the Ministry of public security has issued a warrant for the public. The family that migrant workers from the Anxi County of Fujian Province, Quanzhou City, 39 kilometers of Bai Lai Xiang, 5 administrative villages under the jurisdiction of the total population, only million people, while the adjacent Town Lake has nearly as many as 100 thousand people. But in this small village, the past two days detonated national opinion: Xu Yuyu case prime suspect Chen Wenhui home in the countryside village Bai Lai to Yu tan. From Bai Lai Xiang to the village, many villagers are talking about the matter quietly, but unfamiliar faces a close, they immediately become alert. The reporter asked Chen Wenhui and fellow suspect Chen Fudi news, the villagers either ignored or waved their hands to say not to know. Get off from the Royal Lake Village, along a curved path, you can see the house of Chen Wenhui. After graduating from junior high school, Chen Wenhui dropped out of school at home. Because of early marriage (not marriage license) this year, less than 22 year old Chen Wenhui is the father of two children. Uncle Chen Wenhui said, in February this year, Chen Wenhui and his family said to go out to work to earn money to ease the economic pressure. "This year may not be good tea prices, the economy can not afford to do this." Uncle Chen Wenhui said, poor not illegal and criminal excuses, "this is certainly not, if he did it, we would have killed him!" Chen Wenhui’s father, also known as Chen Ming, his son just told him to go to work in the factory, did not say where the specific work in the factory, the family did not know he was doing things in telecommunications fraud. Later, he learned from the police station in the mouth of his son involved in the mobile phone news after he saw that his son has become the Ministry of public security class a wanted criminal. Hidden in the mountains for a few days.相关的主题文章: