Xiamen post disaster recovery and reconstruction of some schools in order to delay the loss of the s-yo te amo

Xiamen post disaster restoration and reconstruction of the ordered part of the school suffered heavy losses – delay opening the Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Xiamen on September 17th news (reporter Zhou Buheng Chen Geng) according to the China voice of the "national network news" reported that with the weakening of the typhoon "Meranti", the hard hit Xiamen City and power supply, water supply and urban traffic etc. after the reconstruction, for as soon as possible to the normal production and life. Due to the serious disaster, some schools will be postponed. Strong typhoon "Meranti" to Xiamen green area of more than 90% victims, the city’s lodging trees about 600000, severely damaged trees nearly 400 thousand lines, city landscape is a mess, traffic is seriously affected. To this end, Xiamen city has set up a "green recovery of municipal facilities and the temporary headquarters of the typhoon disaster, were coordinated to repair action, the city fronts and Fujian province reinforcements are put to clean up the road, repair of city infrastructure in battle. Deputy director of the Xiamen Municipal Gardens Bureau Wang Weijun said, effective organization, each group of complete vehicles, including cranes, forklifts and so on these devices, to do such a comprehensive, efficient completion of the main road, the general requirements in two to three days basically city because of typhoon caused by greening the garbage to clear the damaged wood can be processed, to restore the traffic. As of today, Xiamen city bus lines have been restored by nearly 94%, traffic travel is improving. In the water supply, the overall situation is constantly improving. However, the strong typhoon "Meranti" resulting in a large area of Xiamen Tongan District, Meishan water power, stop running, 200 thousand residents of water difficulties. Yesterday afternoon, in the community Xike Tong’an District, residents are temporary water points of water, part of the community volunteers are busy cleaning up roadblocks. Come to see the disaster, check the reconstruction work of Xiamen mayor Pei Jinjia for them to actively carry out self-help practices like, and that will restore the water supply as soon as possible: "I see the problem of hydropower, today, solve the problem as soon as possible. This is the problem of power, electric power bureau to do large, where is the problem? There are 11 Tongan kV (substation), built with general electric wire is not the same. Today, however, the power company position, to speed up the recovery." After the power sector through the night to repair, at 12:30 today, electricity recovery in Xiamen Tongan District of Meishan waterworks, Tongan area continued to provide a strong guarantee for the restoration of water supply electricity. It is expected that 12 points tonight, the city of Xiamen disaster recovery rate will rise from the early morning of to 72%. However, due to the disaster situation is not the same, some schools in Xiamen have announced the postponement of class. Tongan District of Xiamen City, all schools are unified delayed three days in class. In addition, due to a number of roads and ancillary facilities in Xiamen were damaged, road traffic capacity decreased significantly. In order to ensure the road traffic safety, orderly and smooth, Xiamen city decided in the next two days on the island of Xiamen to take temporary measures to restrict access single motor vehicle.相关的主题文章: