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Xiamen is one year old baby because of rare dinosaur blood heart surgery is blocked is not born was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, face surgery but check out is extremely rare in Mumbai type ABmh blood group (currently found less than 50 cases reported)…… Only 1 weeks in, Xiangan girl Niuniu, had to face the crisis. Herald reporter learned from Xiamen blood center, Mumbai is a rare blood type than the panda blood type, can be said to be "dinosaur blood". The girl’s parents worried, have to through the media, hoping to find matching blood type. 26 weeks to detect congenital heart disease parents never give up "she is very active in my belly is very restless, often playing in my stomach, let me can’t sleep all night." Niuniu’s mother Yang recalled the time of pregnancy, despite the hard work, but the child was born to make her feel tired again is worth it. In her 26 weeks of pregnancy when fetal stomach was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, at that time many people have advised us to give up, said the disease after surgery is very risky, but what we say can’t give up." Xiao Yang said that the doctor had said, there are some children’s heart defects will heal, it does not need surgery. In 2015, Niu Yang was born, the couple took the name "Xinyi" is expected to her, her little heart can safely heal. Under the care of her parents and grandparents, she grew up happily, although the development of slower than peers. In August this year, when Yang couple holding a child to review after the ultrasound results gave them a head-on blow: the children’s ventricular septal defect did not heal, but increased. The doctor made it clear that Niuniu’s heart can not heal, must be done as soon as possible, otherwise there may be life-threatening. The operation of twists and turns, a rare blood type baffled hospital to get results, Yang couple home relative Speechless, tears of a night, finally decided to let the girl surgery. "To do the surgery, we do not have all day always on tenterhooks. The child a cold have a fever, we fear that her heart can not stand." Xiao Yang said that when the girl was 4 months old, a cold caused by pneumonia, but also caused a heart failure, but fortunately has been to eat digoxin control was safe. October 8th, Niu admitted to the Xiamen University affiliated cardiovascular hospital, waiting for surgery, but to the fourth day in the morning to arrange surgery, the accident has emerged. Hospital with blood of medical staff busy for 2 days, with a total of 40 bags of blood, how can not match the blood type and the girl, the surgery had to temporarily delay. Wang Xiaoting, said the blood transfusion department, blood test results came out – "ABmh" type of blood group in Mumbai. This is a very rare type of blood in the country ah. The Herald reporter call the Xiamen blood center, the blood does not spare; contact a rare blood type of blood center, also no! That means she can’t do surgery now. Blood is not found, the child’s surgery had to drag down. Thinking about it, we couldn’t close our eyes all night." In Xiangan, the inexperienced girl did not know his face figure相关的主题文章: