Wukong, gotenks wearing Dragon Ball launched a long T-shirt-antik

Wukong, gotenks wearing "Dragon Ball" launched long T-shirt "Dragon Ball" is a series of Japanese cartoonist Akira Toriyama in 1984 began serialization in "weekly Shonen JUMP" magazine young comics. Whether it is the cartoon itself or the subsequent adaptation of the TV animation, has been a favorite of many fans around the world. Recently the Japanese clothing brand galaxxxy series of cooperation with the "Dragon Ball" launched 4 characters long T-shirt, we take a look at it. Sun Wukong Super Saiyan 4 long T-shirt Super Saiyan 4 also called Super Saiyan of apes, in the ultimate form of "dragon ball GT" in the old king Sun Wukong turned to God, because of uncontrollable reason happened in the insurgency in the golden monkey, but in the small tears probation turned way, black hair, black eyes, no yellow flame, covered with red hair, which is the highest degree of super saiyan. Gotenks super ghost kamikaze attack long T-shirt super ghost kamikaze attack from "dragon ball Z", is one of the most unique gotenks. The ability to spit out from the mouth a few similar to their own ghosts, attack the enemy. The ghost touches objects (including other ghosts), will self destruct (which is why they are called the "kamikaze"). Gotenks this first time in the spirit of fighting in the house and super Buu, super Buu later absorbs gotenks, can also be used. Vittoria long T-shirt Vittoria is "dragon ball Z" role, is under the flisa Saab brothers, was involved in the destruction of planet vegeta, watch flisa and destroy the planet to destroy the Saiyan process (Zhang Yuanchuang bardacke). With the flisa to Namek collect dragon balls, brutally killed many Namek, died in the hands of vegeta. The character be negligent, ass. Easily provoked. A long – term, green T-shirt is made of a special vegetable seed, similar to an alien warrior. Although there is little minions, but very evil, strength is not generally. In the "dragon ball Z" rely on better than they killed blew some Yamucha, can use the head spray melting liquid, can not be ignored. "Dragon ball GT" in a lift, up from hell to earth up, unfortunately soon kill all GT soldiers. The 4 "Dragon Ball" series of long T-shirts are free, but the design of the T-shirt is very relaxed, even if the figure is not obvious women can wear. Its pre tax price of 5800 yen (about $377). Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: