Wuhan college students research and development elevator small treasure box harvest 4 million a year dingxiangwuyuetian

Wuhan University R & D lift Andy box "harvest year 4 million has a" lift expert at the Hubei University of Technology, he not only can make the elevator energy-saving 30%, can do safety warning. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the hugongda team, a student in the school not long ago with this project Chinese "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship college national finals start-up group silver, also set up a company, with annual sales of more than 200 products, expected annual turnover of 4 million yuan. These days, elevator room technology building the school, invited a security expert "– the green cloud will be able to lift, lift electricity and power equipment data through the network to the cloud data center analysis, feedback to the user’s mobile phone terminal, computer terminal, and the development of the system is six college student team composition. The team leader Hu Ming introduced, through the market survey found that currently on the market the traditional elevator universal electric energy waste, low efficiency and short service life of the elevator, the team designed the "green treasures", the running state of elevator induction sensor can be a little strange, can quickly through the network information feedback go out, greatly reduce the energy consumption of elevator and the frequency of accidents. At present, the project has won the national elevator quality supervision and inspection center certification, and the establishment of the company put the product on the market. Products sold more than 200 sets, expected product turnover of 4 million yuan, has also been included in the smart city construction in Huangshi. More entrepreneurial information, please pay attention to the big Chu entrepreneurial WeChat, scan the next two-dimensional code or search dachucy

武汉大学生研发电梯“小宝匣” 一年收获400万  在湖北工业大学有一位“电梯专家”,他不仅能让电梯节能三成,还能做到安全预警。昨天,记者从湖工大了解到,该校一学生团队不久前凭着这一项目获得中国“互联网+”大学生创新创业全国决赛初创组银奖,还组建起公司,一年销售产品200多台,预计年营业额达400万元。  这几天,该校科技楼的电梯房里,请来了一位“安全专家”——绿色云电梯,能够将电梯用电和设备节电数据通过网络传到云数据中心进行分析,反馈到用户的手机端、电脑端等,而开发该系统的则是六名大学生组成的学生团队。  该团队负责人胡明介绍,通过市场调查发现,目前市场上传统的轿厢电梯普遍存在电能浪费多、电梯运行效率低寿命短的问题,因而团队设计了“绿能宝匣”,传感器可以感应电梯的运行状态,稍有异样便能迅速通过网络将信息反馈出去,大大降低电梯能源的消耗量以及发生事故的频率。  目前,该项目已获得国家电梯质量监督检验中心认证,并成立公司将产品投放市场。产品已售200多套,预计产品营业额为400万元,还被纳入到黄石的智慧城市建设中。更多创业资讯,请关注大楚创业微信,扫描下方二维码或搜索dachucy相关的主题文章: