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World Post Day, looking at the stamps in March (Photos) – Anhui channel: original title: World Post Day, looking at the stamps in March stamp size only in confusion, but often records and spreads the history of a country. The Red Army in the long march twenty-five thousand known to the world, is a great victory for the people’s spirit of pride and Chinese. The national postal department has issued a number of commemorative stamps will set the Long March, the long march condensed in confusion, make eternal, condensed into a long scroll of exquisite beyond compare. Today is "World Post Day", this year is the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army, in this very memorable moment in history, let us appreciate the long march Memorial stamps, return to the eventful years, feeling the spirit of the long march! "In the long march twenty-five thousand twenty anniversary commemorative stamps in December 30, 1955 to complete the" Chinese Red Army victory, for the 20 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army Long March Memorial, the former State Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications issued "twenty-five thousand March twenty anniversary commemorative stamps" complete China Red Army victory, a full 2. The stamps in 2 typical pictures show the long march of the Red Army great, solemn and hard. This is the first set of "Long March" Chinese theme stamps, from now on, the long march is starting to become a major theme of the new Chinese stamps, often into the heart space. "Seize the Luding Bridge", is the famous painter Li Zongjin’s paintings, the picture vividly depicts the Red Army on Luding Bridge warriors suspended cable, braving the enemy’s advance courageously heroic scene a hail of bullets. The picture color is dark red, the Red Army soldiers to reflect the harsh environment in the blood and fire fighting. (: suheng, commissioning editor Zhang Lei) original title: World Post Day stamps, stamps sixth "long march in the memory of the martyrs, don’t forget the heart, take a new road". Looking back in history, future oriented, realistic interpretation of the new Long March road. Epic, coagulation in the heart. Stamps are small, full of spirit. 80 years passed, but the Red Army and the spirit of the Long March will never disappear. World Post Day World Post Day is the world postal day held by the Universal Postal Union, for the year October 9th. In order to widely publicize the post in the political, economic and cultural development and people’s life, the Universal Postal Union passed a resolution in the 1969 meeting of the Sixteenth Congress, in October 9th of each year as "UPU", and asked all members from 1974 onwards, in the annual "UPU" organization propaganda and commemorative activities. In the 1984 meeting of the nineteenth session of the UPU Congress, passed a resolution, "UPU" was renamed "World Post Day", so that this anniversary has broader implications. (Chinese comprehensive military network, people’s daily, people’s Political Consultative Conference, part of the picture from the network (): suheng, commissioning editor Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章: