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World Cup reminder: Portugal core C Luo round staged prediction analysis dasixi [European] the primary football: the Faroe Islands vs Portugal start time: analysis of 2016-10-11 02:45:00: FUN88 the first for the ball game: 11.50 7.20 1.17 11 7.60 1.16 FUN88 instant: the Faroe Islands? The Faroe Islands on a World Cup qualifier away to Latvia. Although the team in the scene at a disadvantage, but high efficiency counter offensive, half a ball leading more morale rose, the second half again grasp the opportunity to fight back and lead the team opened the score, and ultimately to 2:0 but triumphant return. ? the Faroe Islands ranked only 111st in the world, Europe is also belong to the lower the strength of the team, but the performance in the world cup well, currently 1 wins and 1 4 points ranked second in the group, the players get more confidence and support. ? the Faroe Islands are B team overall strength ranked team, now the European Cup Portugal became Lectra second in the group have exceeded expectations, the home court against Portugal will likely adopt the comprehensive prevention strategy to draw solid. Portugal? Portugal a World Cup qualifier against Andorra, the team with the weakest team opponent only after 74 seconds ahead after the full control of the pace of the game and eventually to win 6:0, a World Cup opener against Switzerland wash around. ? Portugal international superstar C Ronaldo led 4 goals for Andorra, and makes the opponent two red penalty, eventually led the team to victory, showing the fiery competitive state, equipped with the C Ronaldo Portugal has the world’s top fighting force. ? although Portugal won the championship at the end of this year’s European Cup, but the process has been blamed for lack of appreciation, not a convincing win, the team lost the first battle after the preliminaries of the world suffered questioned team with strong proof of their war. ? Portugal is currently ranked seventh in the world, the European top three position, basic tactics to attack the flanks, the core around the star C Ronaldo and Nani, the offensive end for traction defense, offense has some limitations, but the overall strength is far more than rival the Faroe islands. The ball game data: the Faroe Islands, Faroe Islands, 10 games recently? Big ball rate is 50%, win rate of 70%. ? the Faroe Islands, nearly 5 home court recorded 1 wins 1 flat 3 negative, ball 60%, win rate of 40%. Portugal Portugal in the last 10 games of the big ball rate of 40%, win the disk rate of 30%. (Editor: the Hunter)相关的主题文章: