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"Demon treasure may dream of the sun and the moon" two new intelligence version of the 12 hour time difference elf treasure can dream: the sun and moon area Nintendo 3DS game "elf treasure may dream of the sun and moon" (Pokemon Sun Moon) in the world, in addition to part of the scene, and the actual time together. However, in the spirit of treasure can dream of the sun, the time will be the same as the host Nintendo 3DS, and in the spirit of treasure can dream moon, there will be 12 hours of time difference, to create a game of the world. "Magic treasure can dream of the sun moon" in the day and night in the "magic treasure can dream of the moon in the sun," the debut of the treasure can be a dream (Poké Mon) will be different! In the "demon dream" treasure to be the sun and moon, to grasp the key of the story "Suoerjia Leiou (Solgaleo)" and "Lunaiyala (Lunala) led by the debut of the treasure to be part of the dream (Poké Mon) will be different. It is said that some of the overlord in the test can be turned into a dream can not become the same treasure can be a dream (Poké mon). In the "dream" in the sun elves paoko debut Suoerjia Leiou progenitus (Solgaleo) in the "demon animal treasure debut of Lou Nai Iara’s dream in the moon" (Lunala) new treasure in Arora Area Habitat (Poké Mon) can dream have attributes: empty control by mask paoko dream (Poké Mon) "properties: air (Type:Null)" was dubbed "what is not" the meaning of the name "empty", and put on a mask of the treasure (Poké Mon) can dream. Name: attribute: empty (Type:Null) classification: artificial paoko dream height: 1.9m weight: 120.5kg properties: general characteristics: Battle Armor hold different paoko (Poké Mon) dream power attribute: empty (Type:Null) have significantly different shape on the front and rear foot. The shape is different because of the attribute: Type:Null is to be able to cope with any situation, through the synthesis of a variety of different mon (Poké) can be created by the power of the mon (Poké). The mask power of control power: a mask embedded in the head of an empty (Type:Null) is designed to control the mysterious power. Very heavy, for attributes: Type:Null (agility) became the shackles. The purpose of the creation of attributes: Type:Null is to achieve a certain purpose, the myth of the spread of the mon (Poké) can be created as the goal of power. Heart scale treasure born warrior "heart scale treasure (Jangmo-).相关的主题文章: