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Wine | golden rose, St. Julian’s "wine king", more Chen more food and drink wine taste – Sohu supreme, king of wine (Le Vin des Rois Le Roi des Vins), Saget (Sarget) Baron interpretation of gold rose wine, this sentence is also engraved in gold rose castle logo. What kind of wine can win such respect? Today Xiaobian take you to look at this flower "sonorous rose of Saint Julian". File wine Vintage: 2015 grape varieties: Cabernet Franc Melo region: St. Julian winery: gold rose grade: 1855 level two grade: 90-92 Zhuang [WA] [JS 93-94] period before the tax price: ¥ 405; St. Julian of a "sonorous rose" Golden Rose Castle Building established in 1725, and in 1791 formally with the name "Golden Rose", hundreds of years, such as the sale of property inheritance, ownership of the castle banbangege. Gold rose has always maintained a high quality Wine insist, is "wind and rain rainbow, sonorous rose". Gold rose gold rose logo logo is a symbol of Chateau wine history: two roaring lion of Aquitaine hero Princess Eleanor (Eleanor of Aquitaine). She married the British king Henry S in 1152; in sixteenth Century the battleship symbolizes the region governor great place down under the sail is a tribute to the power figure two; anchor between grape represents the Gironde River Delta (Gironde Estuary) and Wine on the region’s importance. 50s gold rose Cabernet Sauvignon last century, the entire region by frost damage, so people will Melo (Merlot) grown in the warmer climate, and Cabernet Sauvignon (Cabernet Sauvignon) grown in the cooler, because compared to Melo, late flowering Cabernet sauvignon. However, this has an impact on the quality of wine. In recent years, the winery has been transplanted into the best Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards in order to fully mature. The proportion of Cabernet Sauvignon has grown over the past 10 years at the Golden Rose winery. Today, Cabernet Sauvignon planting area has reached 61% of the total area, while Melo accounted for only 29% of the remaining 10% by Franc (Cabernet Franc) and Verdot (Petit Verdot), which is no longer growing Omar Beck (Malbec). Chateau also plans to increase the proportion of Cabernet Sauvignon to 70% over the next 10 years. Gold rose wine value Chicago Hart Davis Hart retail manager Nick · (Nick Pagoria), said: "the price of gold rose wine is very high. For example, the price of wine in the 1982 year is $300-350, while!相关的主题文章: