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Business When it comes to interior office landscaping, the range of options that an experienced landscape designer can place before a client is extensive. From choosing the type of plant life to introduce, to scenting the air circulating in the office, to dividing the office floor strategically with plant covered dividers, there is a lot to consider. One option that should not be ruled out is the use of artificial plants, like silk flowers. There is a tendency to believe that artificial plants, even with silk, the artificial material of choice, are a cheap option, but there are clear advantages to the choice. The quality of the flowers made of silk, for example, is so high that very little difference can be seen between them and the real thing, even when inspected up close. This means that, when used in commercial situations such as in floral displays in retail stores, the full benefits of sensory marketing, or marketing through senses like touch, smell and sight, can be enjoyed. Just as corporate art can enhance the image of an office, so too can the presence of high quality silk plants. Benefits of Artificial Plants There is no doubt that plants in an office have real benefits to both the company and staff. But the idea that artificial plants provide no benefits is false. True, the value range is confined mainly to aesthetics, with no ability to scent the air naturally, or to filter and freshen the air by converting carbon dioxide and other gases into oxygen, but high quality artificial plants look every bit as pleasing as the real thing. The other advantage with the artificial option is that the costs of maintenance plummet to practically nil. They are durable because they will never die, never need to be tended to, never need to be watered and only ever need to be dusted. Replacement may be required in years rather than weeks or months, so the initial purchase price can be something of a major bargain. Benefits of Silk In recent years, silk has succeeded in being chosen as the favoured choice in artificial plant material. But where once it was simply a matter of prestige, with silk providing a high quality sheen and luxurious impression, there are more practical reasons behind its resurgence. As well as the low maintenance advantages mentioned above, modern silk used in these flowers also boasts a safety aspect in being an effective fire retardant material. In fact, in the US they have passed a number of tests so as not to diminish the fire and safety status of the working area. This, of course, is a valuable added advantage for everyone, and has lead to designers recommending silk instead of the alternative materials without any hesitation. Alternative Materials There is, of course, a range of alternative materials in which these artificial flowers are made. Polyester is one of the most popular, with the polymer looking like a textile rather than a plastic. This material is easily cut into the required shape, whether it be leaves, petals, buds or even stalks. They can also be coloured easily, ensuring that intricate and detailed shading is achieved. Paper is also a material that is utilised to make floral displays, but admittedly they are particularly delicate in their make up. In fact, flowers are created from this particular material in a similar process to the Japanese art of origami. As a result they are not very long lasting, but are very impressive. However, when it comes to marrying durability with delicacy, silk flowers are the best option. As part of floral displays in retail stores, they add a particular beauty that is difficult to surpass, making them a popular option for use in sensory marketing , especially for things like Valentines Day promotions. As part of office floral displays, they can add a certain quality to the board room simply through their status as a high quality flower. However, it is the quality of their construction, and the intricate precision in the use of the silk, that makes it so effective. While corporate art , like fine paintings and sculptures, can enhance the image of a company, the use of silk in the flowers in offices adds even more to the image of the business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: