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Why sales continued to slump? The recent heavy intermediate car inventory – Sohu cars with the "golden nine silver ten" the arrival of various car companies have launched new models or type of year and special edition models to seize the market. The intermediate vehicle market quiet for a long time, also ushered in a number of new. We will take stock in the new generation Volkswagen MAGOTAN, Audi A4L, BMW 3 series, Citroen C6, Nissan G20, Geely Borui administrative version of the new Teana models such as the representative of the recent heavy intermediate vehicle. Face – B class car market on September sales data A0 A-class car market strong impact can be seen, B car. In car sales rankings, the top fifteen have a B class car, ranking the most forward is Guangzhou Honda accord, ranked sixteenth to 16 thousand and 100 grades, Shanghai Volkswagen Passat with 15 thousand and 900 cars followed. Only these two cars into the car top 20 strong. The B car sales continued to decline? B class car sales with A-class car gap why so big? In fact, from the luxury car, SUV and other market growth can be seen, China’s car market is still in the process of upgrading, the purchasing power of the car did not appear to decline. The B class car sales gap with A-class cars, with the following models 1.6L purchase tax halved directly linked. In October last year, the implementation of this policy has greatly improved the A-class car sales. Before September two Jetta, Lavida intermediate car sales rose more than 30%. Under this pressure, it is not surprising that the B class car is left behind. How the B class car prospects for the future? At the end of this year, the following models 1.6L purchase tax halved policy will be completed on schedule. Then, when the B class car has no chance to stage a comeback? According to the views of the majority of the industry at present, before the end of the policy will have a small wave of high tide in the A-class car purchase, the purchasing power of the market has been overdrawn in advance, so the full year, B class cars are not improved. But next year B class car market share in the car will rise. When the new Mondeo, Cadillac ATS and other models represented by the B class car will usher in a counterattack opportunity. How the future policy is not clear, the market performance can only go step by step, now let us look at the "Heroes"! Summary: Overall, the intermediate vehicle market performance in 2016 is not satisfactory, despite the launch of the new Passat, the new LaCrosse, a new generation of MAGOTAN, new Audi A4L, the new BMW 3 series, Citroen C6 and other heavy vehicles is still a bit inadequate. The reason is mainly the impact of the strong impact of the A0 A-class car market combined with the following 1.6L vehicle purchase tax halved policy. With the intermediate vehicle launched a small displacement version, and 1.6L below the vehicle purchase tax reduction policy will end by the end of the year, the intermediate vehicle market to a certain extent will rebound, as for how the market has yet to be tested.相关的主题文章: