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Why Qing Xiling only Chongling stolen – many tourists to Xiling tourism Sohu Qing, first visit is Chongling, Chongling is the last imperial tombs in China, the last is the mausoleum of the feudal society, the emperor is buried here and his Empress longyu. Guangxu emperor from his throne to the abdication of the 34 years, basically is a puppet of Ci Xi, has not really in charge of the entire Qing Dynasty, although his tomb site had been selected, but because of Ci Xi may not always be built, he died three months until the start of construction, the scale of Chongling Yong Zheng, though not as large as the tomb of Jiaqing, no big Bei Lou, stone statue and other buildings, but it not only inherits the Qing Dynasty mausoleum built according to regulation, Emperor Xianfeng, Tongzhi emperor Hui Ling tomb style, also absorbed the essence of architecture in ancient China, has its own characteristics. Especially the Chongling ran hall has four Kim used Lek gold powder dragon decoration, Qing Mausoleum of originality, architecture with copper algae, Tiezaomu hard built "Tongliang". The whole Chongling according to the needs of guarding and sacrifice, building five Kong bridge, patrol room, arched door, library, three road three m hole bridge, towards the door, and ran the Banfang, Liao furnace, Peidian palace ran, three doors, stone five supply side, Ming House, Baoding, Palace of the Earth. In order to enhance the drainage performance, each palace base has built 2 meters wide apron, minglou before and three gates were built with royal dug River, Palace of the Earth has 14 nozzles and chisel Longxugou interlinked. In 1938, Chongling stolen, after cleaning up after the 1980 open to visitors, this is also the only one in the Qing Xiling open Palace of the Earth mausoleum. Ordinarily in Qing Xiling, Emperor’s mausoleum is the minimum regulation, funerary treasures at the mausoleum, is why Chongling stolen? In 1938 when it is Binghuangmaluan, the Japanese have cut to Yixian County County, Yixian County county is located in the west of East 15 Li Qing, the west of Xiling was part of the Shanxi Chahar Hebei border area, this time of the Qing Xiling right in the middle of the Eight Route Army and Japanese, Qing Xiling became a guerrilla zone, tailing, Mu Ling and Chang Ling distance of the Eight Route Army near the tomb, people did not want to be found Japanese, did not want to be found because of the location of the Eight Route Army, why tomb leader Zhang Chengqun chose Chongling…… Chongling is the emperor Aixinjueluo? The mausoleum, located in the southeast side of the tailing about 4 kilometers the Dragon valley. Chongling is the last emperors mausoleum in Chinese. Xuantong first year (1909) was built in four years (1915) completed. The number and size of Chongling building, fully in accordance with the Tongzhi Hui ling. The building is a rare and exquisite, Podocarpus tree cemetery Silverpine instrument. Palace of the Earth in a buried Guangxu emperor and his Empress longyu. Chongling is divided into two parts, the first part is the door, square, monument, pavilion, after the part is the temple and the underground palace. Guangxu emperor life is very tragic, during his reign, the Qing Dynasty had gradually declined, but he is still hard, trying to make a difference in politics, to save his regime in jeopardy. But when he began to reign, it]相关的主题文章: