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Why not look at the market to see the mayor? (say the new rural) – social – People’s network, mayor of the hand can not be misplaced, can not be absent. To give more decision-making power market, less the "head", some guidance and service on somewhere in the west before the interview, two informative set people thinking: new intelligent greenhouse yellow, Chen regret penhold thigh. It turned out that a few years ago to create a local vegetable market, the leadership of the business to find him, modern agriculture, high investment, high returns, no boss like you do not." It is Syria nostalgia, and give policy, boss Chen couldn’t help to return home, 10 million yuan of financial subsidies, old Chen investment of nearly 20 million yuan, the steel shed built up, good order no, visitors are not many, a photoelectric fee of about 300000 yuan, do not hold under greenhouse go, go. In the next county, the government led the grape industry, cited large, subsidies, promote circulation, just a few years on the development of tens of thousands of acres of base. Can the local climate and soil no advantage, low yield, varieties and single, Turpan transported to the local grape per kilogram sold in two, while the local grapes will cost three dollars, the results as can be imagined. How to force the two hands, is not open around the topic of agricultural development. Although do not look at the market to see the mayor has been criticized, but in reality, the mayor said the project is still a lot of. Because, in the hands of the mayor of the policy, there are resources, where to spend money to support what industry, executive order more powerful. It is such a power inertia, and some local leadership of a map, you build acres of orchards, I engage in one hundred thousand acres of base, the motivation behind the impulse is more. If things go on like this, may distort market signals, so that some enterprises used to rely on preferential policies for the mayor to do market experts, reluctantly, similar to the "sad" cheap food "apple" events, enterprises and farmers are injured. In fact, agriculture is a slow type of typical industry, relatively low efficiency, long payback period. Cultivate a mature agricultural industry, there must be a sound brand, to open up the market, the majority of farmers to participate in, need 35 years, more than and 10 years, or even longer. By the government is not quick, not spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, must respect the law of development of agriculture and the laws of the market. This is also destined to invest in agriculture not overnight, there must be a long-term vision, loneliness, if not do their homework in the industry, only a set of projects, rushed to engage in speculative, often they will be stuck. Today, the agricultural market environment has changed. Difficult to buy and sell difficult coexistence, the demand for more diverse, diverse. The promotion of agricultural supply side structural reform, should take the market demand as the "guiding light", optimizing agricultural production structure and product structure, enhance the adaptability and flexibility of the supply of agricultural products. Rely on who? Have to rely on new market players. The country’s 153 farmers professional cooperatives, more than 100 million farmers into the club, the leading enterprises of the more than 120 thousand, the pulse of the market, these new operators must feel more sensitive, more effective decision-making. In the end what kind of large-scale appropriate, might as well give more decision-making power back to the market, the real new business and farmers to say the main. Agriculture is a weak industry)相关的主题文章: