Who says meatball head outdated female star still love it minmi

Who says meatball head outdated female star still love it is a popular fashion circle before something over a period of time may be popular in the back, half ball head contract in summer, the prevalence of meatball head continues unabated, representing the female star is the most love meatball head. Zhang Ziyi Zhang Ziyi Zhang Ziyi postpartum debut brand activities, on the choice of the ball head playful, cute and elegant styling collocation, pink lipstick whole person looks very spirit. Jiang Xin Jiang Xin Jiang Xin is a law-abiding, black suit collocation feels very intellectual, but can let a person shine at the moment. Liu Tao Liu Tao won the championship in the "crossover singer" sometime ago Liu Tao in this program let us look at the changing her, and sometimes witty and sometimes gentle, and Liu Tao in the program during the rehearsal is selected with the ball head, strapless jeans very stylish collocation. Lei Hao Lei Hao used to see Lei Hao before her hair styling, this playful ball head is also very suitable for her. With this lace shirt in a playful yet feminine, orange lipstick with the right.相关的主题文章: