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Where COO Zhang Qiang send internal letter, announced the implementation of the overall profitability of the Tencent accommodation quarter technology news (Han Yimin) October 9th, where announced, large accommodation Division has a quarterly profit, and the eleven period, where the hotel is trading volume high, single day from night day up to about 1000000 stores between the effective amount. The market is currently at a sensitive moment, there will be a review of the United States will be associated with Ctrip merger rumors are the parties have been denied in the former, where to go when the announcement of the overall profitability of the business is quite promising show muscle. After Ctrip accommodation division CEO Sun Maohua said, where to go in the low-end hotel set off a price war, from where the performance point of view, the U.S. group comments counterattack action has been initiated. The following is a strong internal mail: where you go to the students: I am very pleased to announce to you, where to set a new record in 2016.10.1. Eleven, the hotel transaction volume is high, the day of the day off from the effective amount of up to about 1000000 in the night, at the same time, we have a large hotel accommodation Division has achieved quarterly earnings. Hotel business has been difficult, has reached the market in the middle of the first star. Where the team did not reverse the situation. The hotel from zero to, every step: in April 2013, the hotel launched a thick and heavy in colours TTS system, only 1000 of the daily sales orders. Only three years, where the hotel is a single day peak would break the million, and build the opponent insurmountable moat in the industry. By our armour, Kroraina will not also not broken. I hit the hotel performance to the accommodation of the army and proud, proud. Over the past 11 years, where to go over each goal. Now, the large quarters of the quarterly earnings, but also in 2016 the overall profitability of the road, took a solid step. Autumn is a harvest season, I believe that through unremitting efforts, we will usher in a harvest. Thanks to the great efforts of the various departments of the division, we have a long way to go and we will work together in the future. Best regards Thanks Zhang Qiang相关的主题文章: