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When I treasure you, please cherish my attention to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: the taste of life should be entrusted to people when 01 Min said to come to my city relax when I felt lost her. But she is still calm narrative, I broke up, after a period of time to go abroad, to see you. Sensitive is my high school friend, standard Curve Wrecker white Formica, who did not pursue her airs, never interrupted, but two years ago, and a family of ordinary boys together. She just told me that this person is worthy of trust, so I do not worry. Two years later, she came back with a tired body to tell me the truth. 02 of her predecessors, tentatively called Lei. Sensitive and Lei met at a company meeting, she represented the cooperative companies involved in the event. He amazed her admiration for his liberal and dignified, her extraordinary conversation. Fall in love at first sight is a very popular novel. Then they started dating, two people dining table, the corner of the two, the memories of the two. Two months later, a sensitive return nearly flat house she rented the city, moved to the remote point of his residence. At that time, many people told her, said the door right. Lei was born in the countryside, he worked in a small still in the start of the culture of the company, new media operators, the monthly income tax seven thousand or eight thousand. And sensitive, has been in charge of foreign trade companies. Min was insisting that two people together will always strive to get better. I believe him, she said. Lei really take care of housework all inclusive meals all sensitive, sensitive, work overtime into the night drive to meet the physical pain, being. The sensitivity is to learn to cook to do the housework, I have been to the kitchen cooking fried said she can do the dishes with an air of importance. This is a warm day, everyone will think they will go to the marriage hall. 03 months ago, Lei said to travel for two weeks, the sensitive to his company he wanted to fall there clean clothes back, but that he went to leave the field. Sensitive always believe Lei, so even know Lei social account password is never to see the record. That day, she found a log Lei and a girl of 19 years old go to West Lake bridge. She didn’t tell anyone about her discovery. She called as usual to ask him when he came back. When he was about to come back, he cooked the soup and left a letter. Sensitive narrative is very calm. I asked her, have you ever thought to listen to his explanation, or restore. She said in the letter, "three days after the morning of the aircraft, if you come, I listen to your explanation, even a mistake, also can start over, if not, I wish you a safe, do not meet". The result is that he didn’t come only a message: sorry, never ever meet again. Min told me that she was very easy to get what she wanted from childhood, but she knew that only love could not come. She is very jealous and Lei feelings, also hard into the lives of two people, but everything can not control. Like a dream, wake up, to continue their life)相关的主题文章: