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Home-Improvement Bobby Hughes is the marketing coordinator at American Way Moving PA, a Lansdale .pany whose goal is to provide customers with the best team of residential and office movers in town, and according to him, if youre looking to move, then you should ask yourself some questions before signing a contract or making a final decision. Moving your belongings from one home to another can be .plicated on many levels. From finding the right moving .pany to packing and organizing your belongings, planning for a move is something that takes time, effort, and precise attention to even the most minute of details. In my experience, before you make a final decision to move, you should ask yourself the following questions: Can I afford to take on a larger house? When it .es to purchasing a wonderfully roomy house, it usually means that you have to spend more money on a continuing basis. After all, its not just your mortgage youll have to worry about. Its also the idea of heating, cooling, and maintaining a larger space. Remember, a utility bill for a 1,700-square-foot house is likely to be considerably cheaper than one for a 3,000-square-foot house. The same notion applies to outdoor property maintenance. Its one thing to trim the grass every other week in your quarter-acre backyard, but taking care of a one-acre property is a different story. Before you officially decide to make the move to a larger space, ask yourself if you can afford to take on that much more responsibility. Furthermore, ask yourself if the monetary sacrifices youll have to make are worth those extra square feet. Is this move good for my children? If you have children, then you should certainly take their needs into consideration when deciding whether to move. Before you agree to buy a new home, look into the area and ask about the school system. You should also make sure your new home offers you access to child-friendly parks and entertainment. How will this move make my .mute? If youre planning to stay at your current job after you move, then youll need to ask yourself what your .mute will be like once youre settled into your new abode. Try to be honest with yourself as you consider the challenges inherent in a potentially longer .mute. You may think that you wont mind the extra 30 minutes on the road, but over time, a lengthy .mute can be.e awfully draining. Also, if youre moving to a place thats too far from your current office to make the act of .muting feasible, then be sure to do a bit of research about the local area job market before you put in an offer on a piece of property. The last thing youll want is to take on a new home and find yourself out of work for an extended period of time. When should I schedule my moving time? Its important to schedule proper moving time as it relates to the rest of your life. So make sure to consider the timing involved before you finalize your moving plans. Moving at the height of your busy season at work is rarely a good idea, as it will only cause you an undue amount of stress and potentially put your job in jeopardy. And if you have children, then consider moving during the summertime to avoid causing upheaval during the school semester. Similarly, if your child only has one more year of middle school left, then you may want to put your move on hold so that when high school rolls around, hell be starting fresh just like everybody else. How is the cost of living in my new neighborhood? Remember, the cost of living is something that can heavily impact your day-to-day quality of life, so before you sign any contracts, think long and hard about the financial implications of moving to a different area. A new neighborhood may offer you a lot in the way of good schools and local area resources, but before you make your decision, you need to think about the costs involved in such amenities. In exchange for those excellent schools, you may end up finding yourself paying double what you used to in property taxes. Also, if youre moving to a new state, be aware that your state taxes may be higherwhich impacts purchases such as gas, groceries, and other necessities. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: