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Arts-and-Entertainment The American fashion makeover show What Not to Wear is on its fourth season on the cable television channel The Learning Channel (TLC). The show first debuted in the UK, and remains a popular show, and the American spin-off has earned the same substantial audience. The show is hosted by Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, both fashion gurus in their own right. Fashion consultant Stacy London was born in New York City and attended Vassar College. After college she worked as a fashion assistant at Vogue magazine and later returned to Conde Nast as a senior fashion editor at Elle magazine. London has many celebrity clients including Kate Winslet and Liv Tyler, and has worked for many large fashion houses to advise and direct their fashion shows. Since 2003, London has also worked as a style advisor to numerous advertising campaigns including CoverGirl, Suave and Target. London’s humorous counterpart, Clinton Kelly is a fashion consultant as well as a media personality. Kelly, a native of Long Island, earned his degrees at Boston College and Northwestern University. Like London, Kelly earned his fashion experience at magazines such as Mademoiselle and Marie Claire. The genius paring of Kelly and London has resulted in What Not to Wear, the popular ambush makeover show that is delivered with humor and professionalism. The reality program gets its contestants through referrals from friends and family of those who have been deemed to be fashion challenged. Kelly and London appear at the designated contestant’s home or office and announce that they have been selected for a .plete fashion and beauty makeover. The contestant is .pletely surprised by the arrival of crew and cameras and this surprise element adds to the novelty of the show. Once the cameras cover the inappropriate and unattractive clothing of the contestant, he or she is offered a Visa card with $5000.00 on it in order to buy a whole new wardrobe. However, there is a catch. The contestant must agree to hand over his or her entire wardrobe to Kelly and London and go on a two day supervised and controlled shopping spree. The contestant can only buy within a set group of parameters, and if not, they are not allowed to purchase the item. Other professionals featured on the program are Nick Arrojo of Arrojo Studios and well-known makeup artist Carmindy. Both of these stylists offer their advice and guidance to create a .plete new look for the contestant in order to match the sophistication and look of his or her new wardrobe. Nick Arrojo is known for cutting the often overly long and damaged hair of the contestants, and creating a fashion-forward cut and color. Male contestants are often given skin treatments and learn how to take care of their skin, shaving needs and nails. Female contestants learn how to apply makeup. After the beauty makeover, the contestant heads back to the studio for a full reveal to Kelly and London. London is known for her excitement at this part of the show and often yells Shut Up! at the sight of the newly styled contestant. The contestant is flown back to their home for an on-camera reveal of their new look to friends and family. What Not to Wear is making over America one fashion delinquent at a time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: