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Careers-Employment Prior understanding the skills and qualifications that will help you to grab a position in the investment banking industry, a brief introduction to the sector may be relevant. Investment banks assist government and .panies issue securities, properly deal with their financial assets, marketable securities and provide assistance regarding financial matters. The investment bankers aid wide varieties of clients to execute their decisions about business strategy and financial structure. The career of investment bankers trail along a fairly standard path and the positions from the junior to senior level usually progresses through Analyst Associate Account Manager Director Managing Director In case of some banks there are certain additional levels in the hierarchy and the positions are called by different names. Skills that will help you to be a successful investment banker Most valuable tools that will let an investment banker succeed are outgoing personality and an all round character. This is because almost half of the business is done at the time of meeting and networking.Actually investment banking is solely dependent on .munication and teamwork. You have to establish your bonding and socialising skills. Showing that you are suitable for a financial system based on people is crucial. As an investment banker you have to deal with various types of people on a day to day basis and deal with different types of problems. Most of the recruiters are in search of employees who possess a .bination of interpersonal and analytical skills. The job is dynamic but at the same time demanding. You have to work hard to meet the .plex challenges emerging on a daily basis. Some of the core skills that are required to excel in investment banking are include: Ability to provide estimations and logically back up the calculations Personal interaction skills Ability to work hard Stepping into the industry Most of the college graduates start the career of investment bankers in an analyst position. As the analyst, you will have to create financial models and perform other activities like: Execute private and public market transactions Carrying out industry research Prepare presentation A bachelors degree in any subject is the minimum entry requirement, but most of the .panies prefer candidates with advanced degrees in economics, statistics, accounting or mathematics. Masters in business administration is also helpful to get achieve the analysts position. During the first few years, the analysts usually conduct operational and financial grunt work. Higher positions .mand higher levels of responsibilities and the investment bankers serving in the directorial positions have to generate revenue for the firm or department. As the investment bankers progress through the career path, they be.e equipped with the industry norms and can quickly apply trends, forecasts or ratios. Most of the rising professionals in this area specialise in a particular industry, it can be real estate, energy, retail, infrastructure, transportation and health care. Standing out from the crowd In order to seek a position in the investment banks you will require high academic qualification, internship from a renowned organisation and excellent .munication skills. These kinds of skills and qualification though hard to find is not rare. Therefore, you can expect a tough .petition to achieve the lucrative career in investment banks. Specialised agency such as JM Group Recruitment may assist you to ac.plish your career goals. As an applicant you have to demonstrate your desire to be in the industry and there must be a clear career objective and goal. Minimum financial knowledge is essential for the different investment banker roles. If you are solely from a different background build up a financial base before applying for a position in investment banks. An overall know how of the existing market is also crucial. Investment bankers must have the desire to learn new things and update their knowledge base from time to time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: