Wenzhou Hot pot boiling water store sentencing hotel customer compensation topping 240 thousand 9c8814

Wenzhou Hot pot boiling water store sentencing: Hotel toppings compensation to customers in August 24th 242 thousand and 15 at 6 pm, occurred on the female guest waiter soup toppings dispute in Zhejiang Wenzhou city the first bridge at the Hot pot shop, then the waiter was taken away by the police investigation, the female customer burns were rushed to hospital. The evening of August 24, 2015, Wenzhou citizens Ms. Lin family meal in Lucheng District, the first bridge with Mr. Hot pot shop, the clerk Zhu dispute, Zhu was with boiling water toppings injured. This case has aroused great concern in the community. January 19, 2016, Lucheng court of first instance found that the waiter posed a crime of intentional assault, sentenced him to imprisonment for 10 months a year. In August 24th of the same year, the victim Lin filed a civil lawsuit to the Lucheng court, requiring hot pot restaurants, hot pot shop operators to compensate for the total economic losses totaling 577 thousand and 500 yuan. Lucheng court accepted the case on the same day, and in October 24th the same year the court hearing the case. In November 3rd, the case of civil compensation to make a verdict, "within 5 days Hot pot shop Mr." the effective date of the decision, compensation for damages of 237 thousand and 478 Yuan Lin personal injury, and dismissed the other claims of Ms. Lin. Case review: August 24, 2015 evening, Wenzhou citizens Ms. Lin and his family in Lucheng District first bridge hot pot restaurant. Because of the problem with the hot pot with the clerk Zhu language. Ms. Zhu believes that poor service attitude of micro-blog complaints, Zhu Lin after that micro-blog failed to delete. Then, Zhu from the kitchen with a plastic box filled with hot boiling water, go to the victim Ms. Lin side directly poured into the Lin body, then Ms. Lin overturned and beaten on the ground, causing Ms. Lin injured. After identification, Ms. Lin’s disability rating of seven. Ms. Lin believes that her as a customer to Hot pot restaurants, shops and Hot pot operators do not make security obligations, resulting in the injury, and the waiter Zhu Department Store Hot pot employment, the economic loss should be Hot pot shop, Hot pot shop operators Xu compensation. The Hot pot stores and operators Xu advocates, Ms. Lin was, they had to pay the sum of $8000 as the follow-up treatment costs, and temporarily paid 200 thousand yuan for compensation shall be deducted in compensation, and Ms. Lin after discharge to Shanghai for treatment of medical expenses, unnecessary costs, should be excluding. The court found that the court of Lucheng, Ms. Lin in the Shanghai No.9 People’s Hospital outpatient treatment has testified the corresponding cases, domestic well-known cosmetic plastic surgery hospital and the hospital, Ms. among young women, including facial and neck injury of scar, Shanghai for treatment is necessary, the court recognized. At the same time, the court held that the employer’s personnel due to the implementation of the work of the task caused damage to others, the employer shall bear tort liability. In the case, the waiter is a department of the hot pot shop employees, and the time of occurrence of infringement in their working hours, should be liable for compensation by the chafing dish shop. The hot pot shop is an individual industrial and commercial households, Xu as operators should bear responsibility for violations of the hot pot shop. Lin Xu Xu as the defendant, the main discomfort, the court dismissed. For)相关的主题文章: