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Weihai police emergency rescue roadside old man collapsed elderly suffering from cerebral thrombosis – Beijing newspaper Weihai September 16th news (reporter Tao Xiangyin) 16 morning, in the streets of Weihai, a roadside old man collapsed with heart disease. After the police found on duty, immediately call 120 emergency phone, and the elderly were rescued. Later, the doctor said, "two minutes later, the old man lives." As of 18 o’clock that day, the old man is still in hospital for treatment. 16 morning, Weihai Traffic Police Brigade police on duty Sun Kai to West road. At 10:15 PM, Sun Kaizheng on the west a few illegal parked vehicles posted a ticket, suddenly heard a whistle behind the vehicle. He turned around and found dozens of meters outside the road on the eastern side of the motor vehicle lane, a man fell to the ground. Sun Kai quickly ran past, found lying on the ground was a more than and 60 year old man, koutubaimo, twitching. Sun Kai hastened to call the 120 emergency phone, and inform the situation to colleagues. Also in the vicinity of the police on duty Wang Ye and Zhang Cunfu immediately rushed to the scene after receiving the notification. When the two men arrived, the old man was livid, not breathing. Upon inquiry, passers-by told the three police, the old man suddenly fell on the ground during the walk. A woman recognized the old man lying on the ground, saying that the old man had cerebral thrombosis, living in the vicinity. See the police rescue, the two women also came to help the police. Wang Ye took the old man’s arm, a woman who pinch the old man, and then pressed the old man’s chest for the elderly to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Wang Ye. The old man finally breathe a sigh of relief, a snore like thunder, immediately began to pant, complexion is also slightly ease. A few minutes later, the medical staff rushed to the scene, after a brief treatment of the old man rushed to the city hospital. Wang Ye through the old man’s cell phone contact with the old man’s son. 12 pm, the old man’s son, Mr. Wang arrived at the city hospital. Mr. Wang said, his father suffering from coronary heart disease for many years, usually medicine from the morning, go out to the bus card recharge, but the accident occurred. According to doctors, if the rescue and then two minutes later, the old man is most likely not life insurance. Currently, the elderly are still in a coma, still in hospital for treatment.相关的主题文章: