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"We love it" Qi Dao Zhang Jingchu "- off entertainment Sohu tangled actor Qi Dao by Zhang Jingchu, Dong Weijia, Qi Dao starred in" we love it "entertainment Sohu directed by Liu Jiang, Zhang Jingchu, Yuan Hong, Qi Dao starring city big emotional drama" we love it "is Hunan TV hit. The play was broadcast ratings climbed, occupying the top of the list. Among them, the literary male god Qi Dao in the play and the relationship between the husband and wife of Zhang Jingchu is also allowing users to exercise broken heart, the final two or the couple broke. The play, Qi Dao played Jane and Zhang Jingchu as the forest is a smile began to fall in love in the University for two pregnant childhood sweetheart, rush into marriage, marriage conflicts. Finally, because the play Qi Dao derailed and ended the marriage of two people. In this regard, Qi Dao also said: I play the role of static and early husband and wife also reflects a lot of people in the current society will encounter problems. Fall in love and marriage is completely different, fall in love with two people on the line, the marriage involves a lot of practical factors such as the two families. Jane smiled and put the character of many contradictions, the two separate is the best choice."   相关的主题文章: