Wash the car after doing this flat tire increased several times! (video)-cashmere mafia

Wash the car after doing this flat tire increased several times! How about the car tire tire tires that although the city traffic has been very good, but the car soon will be dirty, many owners will be sent to the weekly car wash shop to wash. Of course, now the car can not only wash the body is finished, and the interior and tire, many places will help wash the car tire brush with oil! Now some of the better car wash shop will help customers after the car wash, brush oil, is said to be able to prolong the service life of tire. Owners also feel very intimate car wash service, in addition to enjoy the car wash service, but also to do a tire maintenance. For a long time down, if you go to the car wash when you forget to brush the tire oil, the owner will take the initiative to ask brush. What is this brush oil, the tire really good? There is a car every time the owner will brush a tire oil, two years down not only the tire is corrosion, even the wheels are a problem; there is an owner of the tire there are a lot of black material, spent a great effort to clean up these things! Owners have said when the tire oil just brush up, looking at the tire is shiny, but not two days, touch the tire, you will find the same thing above all is black! Whether it is to wash the car again until the water cannons, or take the cloth to wipe is not wipe off. Even tried to get soap and washing powder to soak, the effect is not good, and finally with detergent to clean up these things! General car wash shop in the brush for the time, will tell you that this is mainly to the tire layer of protective film, so as to avoid the sun (with reference, pictures, inquiry) and UV damage to the tire! In fact, there is a tire oil, to reduce tire wear can also play a good effect! But for those roadside car wash shop are generally used waste oil blending together, not only to achieve good results, but also cause corrosion of tire! Real tire oil wholesale price of seven thousand or eight thousand yuan in this way, you can think about what the car wash will be what oil. Some places have a car 15-20 yuan, if you have this greedy small cheap, it is unwise to!相关的主题文章: