Wang Ou gains Phoenix Fashion Pioneer Award and Lin Dan with the same frame seductive eye –

Wang Ou won the "Phoenix Fashion Pioneer Award"   and Lin Dan with a box – Shenzhen Channel – seductive original title: Wang Ou won the "Phoenix Fashion Pioneer Award" and Lin Dan with a seductive box recently, Phoenix Fashion once a year "of fashion festival held in Park Hyatt Hotel Beijing, the scene of many world-class Chinese fashion elite and 100 Chinese media Sheng together, also issued 16 fashion awards. Wang Ou was invited to attend the award ceremony and won the "fashion style Pioneer Award"". At the ceremony, Wang Ou dressed in a white dress appearance, elegant manners, full of fairies, a big show of beauty, elegant and provocative. The natural hairstyle and the charming smile attract the audience fans. In recent years, people have been walking in the fashion beauty tall good Wang Ou is not only a number of fashion magazines, photo large pet, and fashion sense bursting with her private dressing style is obvious to people with a taste, won the "Phoenix Fashion Pioneer Award", on Wang Ou’s fashion sense of recognition, but also for its high clothing products high grade affirmation. In the meantime, Wang Ou also with badminton Olympic champion Lin Dan interactive photo group, netizens have said "too seductive"!" "My goddess and God copper mine is wonderful."". Wang Ou said, very grateful to the "Phoenix Fashion Pioneer Award" award to her, thank you for her affirmation and recognition, and also hope that the audience to continue to pay attention to their own works, also will continue to improve and exhibit the best works to the audience, thank you very much for the fans continued support. (commissioning editor Yuan Liyun and Wang Xing) 王鸥斩获“凤凰时尚先锋大奖” 与林丹同框养眼–深圳频道–人民网 原标题:王鸥斩获“凤凰时尚先锋大奖” 与林丹同框养眼 近日,凤凰时尚一年一度的“时尚之选”盛典于北京柏悦酒店举行,现场众多世界级华人时尚精英和百家华文媒体盛聚一堂,同时颁发16个时尚大奖。王鸥受邀出席颁奖典礼并斩获“时尚风格先锋大奖”。 在颁奖典礼上,王鸥一袭白裙亮相,仪态翩翩,仙气十足,大秀美背,优雅撩人。随性自然的发型加上甜美迷人的微笑,吸引无数观众粉丝的热捧。近年来,一直走在时尚尖端人美颜高身材好的王鸥不仅是众多时尚杂志、写真大片的宠儿,而且时尚感爆棚的她私下穿衣风格也是有目共睹的有品味,此次荣获“凤凰时尚先锋大奖”,既是对王鸥时尚感的认可,也是对其高衣品高品位的肯定。其间,王鸥还与羽毛球奥运冠军林丹互动合影,网友们纷纷表示“太养眼了!”“我女神与男神铜矿好神奇”。 王鸥表示,很感谢这次将“凤凰时尚先锋大奖”的奖项颁给她,感谢大家对她的肯定与认可,同时,也希望观众继续关注自己的影视作品,自己也将不断的完善与呈现出最好的作品给观众,非常感谢粉丝们一直以来的支持。 (责编:袁俪芸、王星)相关的主题文章: