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But first you should be aware of the symptoms. Indentify the below symptoms on your system. Sudden breakdown of .puter Programs getting ceased No booting issue .puter running extremely slow Getting .dll error on execution of any program Programs getting launched without any .mand System disk may be over crowded CD-ROM opening/closing unnecessarily Blue screen of death frequent You may notice double extension on an attachment that you recently opened, such as a .jpg, .vbs, .gif, or .exe. extension and many more If you agree with the above mentioned issue, then your system needs to be scanned with Virus removal software. Some of the important virus removal support softwares tested over a long period can be summarized as: Avast! Home Edition: This is absolutely free for the home user. It offers effective protection against Viruses, spyware and rootkit. You can experience secure e-mail .munication and chatting on Instant messaging software. Found to be .patible with Windows 7. Avast! Professional Edition Key benefits are: Effective Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Anti-rootkit protection Secures e-mail and chats Safer web surfing Intelligent scanning Faster updates Webroot AntiVirus Install Webroot Anti Virus, which is equipped with Spyware Sweeper. This is a user-friendly program which does Virus removal job in an effective manner. In addition to individual software, user can avail third party online scanner too, which are quite effective for removing Viruses. They also offer quick scanning without restricting your .puter job. For better Virus removal user needs to follow the re.mendation of their IT support provider. You can also be.e a subscriber for the PC health checkup program which is offered by reputed organization. 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