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Medicine Various types of alcoholism treatment It is estimated today that just in the United States, almost eight thousand Americans receive some kind of alcohol rehabilitation treatment daily. It is an undeniable truth that today alcoholism is a phenomenon that touches and affects quite many people, which made the need for rehabilitation centers bigger as well. Alcoholism treatment in these centers occurs as a combination of medication and therapy, as well as psychological support and encouragement. This is something that helps alcoholics not only to stop drinking but also to avoid relapsing in the future. This is actually the biggest problem when it comes to alcoholism, because there are many people who go through a program successfully but when there is some kind of problem they relapse and need to start over again. The effectiveness of alcoholism treatments can actually vary for different people; different people have different and specific needs , which means that they need some particular kind of treatment, which can address their personal needs and requirements. The kind of alcohol treatment that an alcoholic will receive depends first of all on their particular problem, as well as their alcohol dependence history; the amount of time they have the problem as well as the severity of their dependence can determine the type of treatment they can follow, although there are some treatments that have been proven effective for most alcohol dependents. One of the most common and more effective treatments is the three-step program which consists of the process of intervention, detoxification, and rehabilitation. One more quite popular and common, especially in the US is the AA program, which is proven to significantly reduce the chances for relapse. Some people find the motivation enhancement therapy, quite effective as well. During this alcoholism treatment, the goal is to persuade the patient to stop drinking, by giving him the necessary motivation, showing them that their lives could be better in the case they were alcohol-free. The cognitive-behavior therapy is becoming increasingly popular as well; in this case the patients are encouraged to change their overall attitude and behavior and learn to deal with everyday stressful situations, so as to help themselves either avoid drinking, or avoid these situations in the first place. One of the most popular therapies is the 12-step facilitation program. Patients need to accomplish 12 steps, a list of things, on their road to sobriety. The fact that alcoholism is showing such high incidence, has prompted many medical experts to implement and formulate diverse treatments that can help alcoholics overcome the current issues but also achieve long-term sobriety. It is true though that the success and effectiveness of these treatments depend on the motivation and the dedication shown by the patients, because its up to them really how they will be able to deal with their problem. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: