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Varicocele is how to cause? How to check? – the mother and child varicocele is a common male urinary system disease, is also a common cause of male infertility, more common in young adults, so it is necessary to understand the cause of the disease. 1, some male friend muscle fiber tissue atrophy or relaxation, so it is not conducive to the spermatic vein reflux, at this time will easily cause the occurrence of male varicocele. 2, usually young male sexual function is strong, scrotal contents the blood supply is relatively strong, high libido, local congestion is heavy, at this time, men are prone to varicocele, so some friends in male patients with varicocele can increase with age and gradually disappear. 3, some men suffering from disease, these diseases can easily induce male varicocele, such as hydronephrosis, renal tumor, retroperitoneal tumors, these diseases can cause internal spermatic vein oppression. How to self? The following three major symptoms: pain, timely medical treatment 1 ipsilateral scrotum or testicle appear bulge or pain in the scrotum have swollen, dilated and tortuous vein of scrotal surface. There will be a touch bag piece of soft earthworm group, supine when you can make the symptom is reduced or disappear. 2, neurasthenia patients can appear neurasthenia symptoms, such as headache and fatigue and neuroticism. 3, testicular atrophy: male infertility patients are caused by varicocele, serious patients can also cause testicular atrophy. Share the most abundant, the most comprehensive breeding, pregnancy, integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment of infertility and other aspects of information to help you achieve the dream of breeding as soon as possible! WeChat public concern Beijing Tianlun Sterility Hospital No. "bjtlbyby2" (the press copy), can free consulting various male problems.相关的主题文章: