Vaccinations For Mumps-googims

Mumps is a viral infection that can have some risky .plications, especially to young children and pregnant women. In pregnant women it can cause fetal distress and often will lead to miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy. Sometimes if severe enough it can lead to stillbirth. This is a tragedy for a child that has had no chance to live due to the lack of a vaccination that could easily have stopped it from happening. Vaccinations will not stop everything but they will lower the risk of .plications that can end in death. Contracting Mumps – Mumps can be spread through saliva (kissing/sneezing). The virus is also present in throat and nasal discharge. Their is no real way to avoid this illness, but taking precautionary measures such as cleaning all surfaces that and infected person has .e in contact with will help. Most vaccinations such as the flu vaccine reduce risks of contracting various illnesses. Likewise, receiving a vaccination for mumps will help to lower the chances of getting the virus or at least lower the effects that mumps can have. The symptoms of mumps to look out for include: – => Fever and pain upon opening the mouth => Swollen glands and cheeks => Headache and earache that can be aggravated by chewing => Sore Muscles => Lowered appetite => In boys and men, swelling of the testicles is .mon => Feeling lethargic => In women, abdominal pain => Upper abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting => Aversion to light and a stiff neck => Moderately high temperature that can last up to four days => Dryness of the mouth => Having acidic or citric drinks or food may cause dis.fort => In some cases seizures may occur, if so then hospitalization may be necessary => Difficulty swallowing Around one third of people who have mumps experience little to no symptoms at all. If you end up getting the mumps, then cutting out your intake of acidic type foods is best to lower your dis.fort levels. A few natural remedies you could try to lower the swelling are: – => Indian Aloe which helps with pain and inflammation => Ginger Powder mixed with water, then applied to the swelling While these will help with the inflammation and pain, preventatives such vaccinations will help as well as eating healthy. Vaccinations are important, as they help to lower the risks of .plications that can occur with these viral conditions. So if you are susceptible to viral infections, cold and flu, then it is re.mended to consider your yearly influenza vaccinations and all other vaccinations on the Australian vaccination schedule. Doing so will help to protect you and your family against the severity of viral infections such as mumps. 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