University of Shanghai for Science and Technology playground foreign fees cited dissatisfaction with peepsamurai

University of Shanghai for Science and Technology playground foreign charges cited dissatisfaction with the school: to strengthen the management of – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Shanghai on November 2nd news (reporter Fu Wenjie) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported that the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology had free opening track and field recently started foreign charges, caused by surrounding exercise dissatisfaction. In response, the school responded that this is to strengthen management. From the beginning of November, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology posted regulations, 8 points to 9 points every Monday to Friday, winter 17, summer 18, school personnel to enter the field of free time, because there are other teaching activities, not open Sunday and summer vacation day school track and field opened fees. Notice on the charges using prepaid card mode, into the playground for more than ten minutes, it is necessary to follow the standard fee of $15 per hour, each recharge shall not be less than $100, the amount of recharge for two years. In this regard, the surrounding exercise said, the school playground for the teaching service, work on qualified school personnel admission time practice of the school sports field but no ground for blame, after all, is a public nature, rest during the day but charge opening, let people feel not too reasonable. For the exercise of the question, the school said, before the field of foreign disorderly open, leading to the students and school personnel frequent conflicts, and move only to strengthen the management for the practice of charging, the school is not for commercial purposes, only to supplement the cost management. The reporter inquires the 2006 Shanghai Municipal Bureau of civil affairs, education and other departments jointly issued the "on the city sports, culture and education facilities open to the community’s guidance", which stipulates that the courts, playground, track and other outdoor sports venues schools and other units, to make appropriate arrangements for the community residents to open free time. However, there is no provision that school sports venues must be open to the public free of charge at all times.相关的主题文章: