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Parenting It sounds like the best thing in the world that you can do for your kids. Keeping them safe from catching some awful disease is a pretty good idea. What is not absolutely positive is the fact that some of the immunizations can be worse than the illnesses they are supposed to be stopping. It seems that there is a whole coalition that wants you to believe that you need to give your kids the different shots because they need them to survive. Many schools and the government in general tries to push immunization and requires it for kids to go to public school. A lot of people will be able to avoid the pressure to immunize their kids because of their religious preferences. There is no proof that kids who get immunized will live longer and better lives than those who do. It is also not true that the only way that you can avoid getting the immunizations for your kids is having a religious opposition. The decision of whether to do it or not is fully up to the parent and no one else. There has been a lot of issues that have .e to light because of kids getting immunized. Many people are incredibly concerned about the connection between certain immunizations and Autism. This was getting tons of press but now is being pushed out of the limelight. There is also the very scary connection of immunizations and SIDS. It has be.e obvious that many babies do succumb to this when they are just 3 months old and get their first shots. You have to wonder if it is a coincidence or is there more that we need to know? Parents have to make this tough decision about their own children. It is crucial to avoid the pressure from outside influences to go either way. This is something that everyone needs to think about for themselves. No matter what you do you will be the one that has to deal with what happens because of it. That is an important way to think about it. Take some time to find all of the info that you need to be able to make an informed decision. Vaccinating your kids is a very serious thing to think about. There are many sources where you can access needed info. Talking to people is smart too. Discussing your fears with your doctor is a very good idea. It is also good to read what different websites have to say online too. The most serious side effects will only happen to very few people, but if that is your child it will be something tough to deal with. About the Author: By: richie_harrison – It has be.e a mandatory prelude in order to send our children to a top-notch childhood day care center which will impact their personalities as well as the utmost perceptions about the worldly desires. It should be in our best interest that chil … By: richie_harrison – Schooling is considered as the most indispensable aspect for a childs life, which should be taken of in the first place. 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