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"Two children" to the era of the Guangzhou subway construction and then an additional 6 billion yuan [Abstract] this year Guangzhou subway construction and the debt is still 11 billion 110 million yuan gap, this year following the first budget adjustment of an additional 2 billion 90 million yuan, the additional 6 billion yuan of financial funds. Two child family more and more common. The Guangzhou Daily reporter Lu Wenjie to release the two child policy in Guangzhou this year, estimates of the number of receive maternity insurance benefits will reach 100 thousand people, an increase of 10 thousand people than originally expected, birth insurance fund expenditure should also be adjusted accordingly, compared with the beginning of the budget increase of 150 million yuan. In addition, this year, the Guangzhou subway construction and debt is still 11 billion 110 million yuan gap, following the first budget adjustment this year, an additional $2 billion 90 million, this additional financial capital of $6 billion. In the fifty-sixth session of the Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress yesterday, the Guangzhou Municipal Finance Bureau Chen Xiongqiao on the city of Guangzhou in 2016 on the level of the second budget adjustment plan report. Chen Xiongqiao said in the report, the budget adjustment in the general public budget, government fund budget and social security fund budget adjustment has three aspects. In the general public budget, the budget adjustment amount of 7 billion 594 million yuan. 7 billion 594 million yuan to use where to go? The bulk or transport infrastructure for trucks outside Guangzhou railway hub in Northeast winding project 1 billion 840 million yuan, Nansha to Zhongshan expressway project preparatory work expenses 50 million yuan, Shan Zhan Expressway Guangzhou supporting the capital of 48 million yuan, 3 billion yuan of funds in subway. Other funding arrangements include: 811 million yuan for technological innovation projects; health city 290 million yuan of special funds; three years to tackle poverty poverty alleviation precise accurate 200 million yuan of special funds; the people’s police allowance 320 million yuan; black odor river pollution source Mocha working expenses 35 million yuan; the Old City District 1 billion yuan of special subsidies. It is worth noting that the adjustment of the general public budget to build an additional 3 billion yuan subway construction, government funds will also increase the adjustment of $3 billion, making the budget adjustment for the construction of an additional capital of $6 billion subway. In the first half of the budget adjustment, subway construction funds have been added 2 billion 90 million yuan. Chen Xiongqiao explained in the report, this year the Guangzhou subway construction, the debt funding needs 33 billion 690 million yuan, including the first budget adjustment, additional 2 billion 90 million yuan, has been the implementation of the financial capital of 22 billion 580 million yuan, still have 11 billion 110 million yuan funding gap. By Metro Group debt settlement, will have a greater financial costs. In order to ease the pressure on the Metro Group debt, is now additional arrangements for financial funds." Additional arrangements for the construction of the subway so much money, it is recommended to add reasons and the performance of the project to achieve a more detailed description." Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress budget committee chairman Yuan Jinxia said that in the preliminary review of the budget adjustment program, the NPC Budget Committee believes that the need to further clarify the reasons and effects of additional funds. Two bora! After the birth of the number of children than the insurance policy is expected to release two children, the birth of a small peak in Guangzhou, the number of people applying for maternity insurance this year, an increase of about ten thousand people before the budget. The report revealed that this year the birth insurance fund income budget at the beginning of 2 billion 480 million yuan.相关的主题文章: