Two children in Wuxi died in the flames of a fire truck stuck kilometers (video)

Wuxi killed two children more than 8 fire fire truck stuck one kilometer outside the 12 evening, Wuxi houses a fire, an old man and the child was severely burned, another two children were killed, the original fire consequences may not be so serious, but because of some of the original people due to delays in the precious time for help. That night, reporters rushed to the fire in the house near the city of Wuxi will Longqiao, roadside has stopped several fire trucks and ambulances. Long hose laying fire and rescue personnel, has been extended to the fire houses before. Nearby residents told reporters that there are three children and an old man trapped in the fire house, has been rescued and sent to hospital rescue. Subsequently, the reporter learned from the hospital, four injured, two older children due to rescue invalid, unfortunately, died, and the old lady and the younger child is still serious burns. The car is hard to fire hydrant for the cause of the fire, nearby residents said, may be caused by car battery charging. Why did the fire cause such serious consequences? Residents said that after the incident, the fire engines arrived near the village soon, but because of traffic jam, fire truck stuck in one kilometer outside the bridge, delayed for about forty or fifty minutes. Nearby residents: now this parking is a common problem, all the way on both sides of the car parked, the entire area is such a. Maybe we are not the only village people inside the village can not stop stop, Matlock have to stop here. Reporter: before the development of management measures? There’s nothing we can do, we have to cross the line. In addition to the fire exits blocked, the maintenance and management of residential fire hydrant is also a problem: it is 50 meters away from the incident and there was a fire hydrant, illegal structures sheds block up. During the day are difficult to find, the night is no way to find. Can you recognize that this is a fire hydrant? The owner then said she would tear down the chicken shed as soon as possible. Up to now, the old man was burned and another 5 year old girl is still not out of danger. Expansion of the video: unrelated to the original text of a chemical plant in Wuxi, the scene of the fire black smoke billowing相关的主题文章: