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Trump bite "email" onslaught FBI to restart the investigation alleged illegal – Sohu News Reference News Network reported on November 1st, from the election day and 8 days, with Hilary Clinton? "By email to cope with the door" of the latest storm, her opponent, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is trying to raise questions? For Hilary. According to the Reuters reported on October 31st, the day before the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) secretary James announced that FBI is investigating? Cormie, more e-mail, as part of its investigation of Hilary case using private email server. This words let the presidential race competition again twists and turns, also let Trump have a new hope, in order to make a rare turnaround in the presidential election of November 8th. Reported that the evening of October 30th at a rally in New Mexico, Albuquerque, Trump said: "when we won the election in November 8th, we will go to the District of Columbia, we will drain the swamps." He accused Hilary of representing a corrupt political system. Trump said: "Hilary, Clinton is not a victim. You, the American people are the victims of this corrupt system." The Associated Press in October 31 reported that Trump’s campaign manager says the Republican presidential candidate will not let the newly discovered FBI in terms of email as its center to Democrat Hilary for the opponent’s campaign "". Reported that the election is about to enter the final week of the occasion, Trump weekend use of the latest development of the e-mail door to mercilessly mercilessly attacked Hilary. Nevertheless, Trump’s campaign manager Kelly Anna? Conway said, Trump plans to focus on health care, and the Islamic state organization operations and create jobs, "there is no doubt the moral". The Associated Press also reported on October 30th, law enforcement officials told The Associated Press that FBI got the start of the review of the new discovery may be related to Hilary’s e-mail door mail license. Reported that FBI wants to review the long-term assistant Hilary Hu? She’s e-mail, these messages are in the investigation of pornographic messages irrelevant in Beiding separated husband, former New York congressman Anthony Weiner? Found a computer in. The official declined to say when the investigators would end the review, but said they would speed up the operation. Hilary’s "email door" survey at the end of July, she was not making any accusations, but in October 28th it surfaced again, because FBI director Comi told Congress about the existence of these may be relevant to the investigation and mail. Investigators will check whether the message contains confidential information and whether it is properly handled, which is also the focus of the previous investigation of Hilary. Reported that it is unclear after the initial discovery of these messages, FBI leaders learned that they may contain additional information, what measures the investigators took. Comi announced the discovery of the mail in less than two weeks before election day, leading democrats.相关的主题文章: