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The transparency of "zero" government procurement has no national law research center of corruption index China Academy of Social Sciences Institute of law and the rule of law index project innovation project group, before the release of "transparency in government procurement assessment report (2016)", that the Chinese government procurement information disclosure situation is not ideal, mainly for the municipal government to open the poor. 12 cities in the government procurement information transparency evaluation indexes are all zero. In recent years, some localities and departments from time to time to make a purchase price, which exposed some pocketed bribes, corruption cases. 2013 Chinese Academy of Social Sciences released the China legal system development report, the four provinces of the supply of goods to the agreement of the 19020 price comparison found that more than 79.86% of the market price of goods. The more common phenomenon, in violation of the "government procurement law" on the "purchase price is lower than the average market price, higher procurement efficiency, procurement of good quality and service" requirements, but also increased the financial burden, even corruption. China’s "government procurement law" will be "open and transparent" established as one of the basic principles of government procurement. The State Council formulated the "government procurement law" and the implementation of the regulations formulated by the Ministry of finance "government procurement information bulletin management measures", the government procurement information disclosure made further provisions shall be open, including purchasing documents shall be open, bid and auction results must be open, the procurement contract shall be open, complaint handling results shall be open. However, the government procurement information disclosure has been identified as legal responsibility more than a decade later, the public situation is still not ideal. Some localities and departments to take legal responsibility for purchasing information as like water off a duck’s back open, selective, incomplete and even refused to open. Some localities and departments of government procurement information, although there are open, but the prevalence of confusion in the distribution channels, information is not updated in a timely manner, the information content is not detailed, some of the important information is not released. In some places has not set up the government procurement information platform, without opening related government procurement information network query channel; some local government public actually got zero, really startling. The transparency of government procurement information is not high, it is easy to cover the many problems in government procurement, especially corruption. In the high price purchase, for example, from the perspective of extravagance and waste has been corrupt, if the purchase of the existence of accepting or asking for kickbacks, it is a complete corruption. If the sun shines into every corner of government procurement, some people even want to engage in corruption, I am afraid it will be bitter in the no chance. Transparency is the observation of a local government procurement integrity of the window – the higher the transparency, the lower the probability of corruption, the lower the transparency, the higher the risk of procurement corruption. The level of transparency of government procurement, not only reflects the level of a local rule of law, but also to test the level of local financial supervision. Since the government procurement transparency is so important, the current urgent need to effectively promote the government procurement information disclosure, we need to establish the special system and clear open standards. Although the relevant laws and regulations involved, but some of the provisions of the system is not comprehensive enough, it is necessary for the characteristics of government procurement, the development of.相关的主题文章: