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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Outdoor shade canopies have always been in high demand, which is the reason why there have been many technical innovations in this field. One of the brightest stars in this arena is the canopy that belongs to the KD series. KD has the distinction of being the first to .e to the market with a pop-up design. So, these canopies are known for their zero-assembly feature. This means that the canopy can be set up without having to piece any of the elements together. This is as easy as it can get! The .pany produces high quality .mercial grade canopies. Since the frame is made of anodized aluminum, deterioration through rust is impossible. Unlike traditional canopies KD’s majestic series contains aluminum frames that are lighter yet stronger than steel frames. Other features that contribute to the popularity of KD canopies are: Stunning, patented design: KD canopies have a distinct design that is appealing as well as airy and spacious. The tent is sloped, which allows easy water run-off. The design allows for great ground clearance. Better fittings: The joints of the latest canopies slide over one another avoiding metal-on-metal contact. This makes it easy to set up the canopy. There are hardly any nut and bolt fittings. Better fabric: The fabric used in KD canopies is superior. They are durable, lightweight, UV and water resistant. This ensures maximum longevity of life, thereby giving you good return for your money. KD canopies may be used again and again over the years, regardless of weather changes. These canopies can withstand extreme temperature changes. Customization: These canopies .e with screen printed graphics. That makes it possible for you to customize the canopy with your own letters or logos. KD canopies are among the few manufacturers to provide a canopy that is lightweight and allows for digital printing. This makes it easy to brand the canopy according to your needs. Wide range of colors: KD canopies .e in a wide variety of colors. The colors are striking. You can get these canopies in single colors or in .binations. KD canopies may be used for a variety of different uses, including but not limited to: Outdoor festivals Wedding parties Trade shows Event marketing Trade booths KD canopies are therefore the latest and probably one of the best among outdoor canopies. It is built for .plete customer satisfaction. So, if you need an awning that can make a statement, catch the eye and offers great protection, then, KD canopies are undoubtedly among the top choices for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: