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Tong Dawei opened the company, engaged in business outside acting to try to change – Beijing Film "Grandpa Christina 38" released today, this is the third comedy film starring Tong Dawei. For comedy, he said it was not intentional transformation, was completely moved by the story. The character was originally a 38 year old "dandy", suddenly drop from the clouds had a daughter and grandson, but he slowly collapse at the same time by the two people infected, and try to make a change. Such a man’s growth story, gave Tong Dawei too much touch. The responsibility of family and career, so he chose to constantly challenge themselves. For filming, at the age of 37, he began to learn sanda. Off screen, he forced himself to learn new technology and financial knowledge, doing well in business and investment. "To be a man, even to the age of 38, do not give up growth." To play on the play nutritious comedy from "my girlfriend earlier and more" Hollywood "to" rampage, the new "Grandpa Christina 38", Tong Dawei has been in the comedy film on the road farther along, which makes a lot of people mistakenly thought he was going to do the transformation of comedy, "in fact, not specifically to the transformation, I select the role of standards or to see the story itself can move me. Compared with the first two, the plot, story, occupation, and so on are not the same. I play He Zhiwu is a radio DJ, radio programs are very close to our lives, the more close to the role of the more difficult to find the comedy ‘point’. Like "Hollywood" in the rampage David, his set is legendary, itself comes comedy gene; "my girlfriend earlier more" in Yuan Xiaoou, is lurking in the girls around the male bestie, grasp the character style, can accurately grasp the bursting point. Because the comedy element is reflected in some subtle place, an exaggerated expression or an exaggerated action may have a comic effect, but the audience finished watching. I still want to impress the audience as much as possible to give the audience a nutritional comedy." Not all forms of comedy can impress Tong Dawei, "there are some comedies, but simply as a funny Terrier to be funny, not considering the antecedents and consequences, is far fetched, I can not accept, I hope every one can happen naturally." For the various hit comedy variety show, Tong Dawei said there are many programs to find him, but he felt that the comic mode and drama is not the same, is not suitable for him. The family is the kind of man power film men grow up as Tong Dawei, many in his side and pursue the fun: "thirty or forty years old, doctrine, not to marry his girlfriend, never more than three months…… I do not agree with this value, but I understand and accept the existence of such people. Maybe you always get along with such a person, you will feel this way of life is normal, but these are not what I want. What the character moves me most is his contrast in the second half, that is, his growth." Family atmosphere to bring men to grow and change, Tong Dawei’s empathy, such as cooking, such as photography. "Recently, I like photography in addition to cooking. At first it’s just ice相关的主题文章: