Tong Dawei Joe Chen human to taste and style like Wang Yibo tribute (video) tianbi

"Tong Dawei Joe Chen" human to taste and style like Wang Yibo tribute Tencent entertainment news August 24th, produced by a media, half sugar film, Jin Yi Tong Yue Festival, new United, Taiwan gold medal director Chen Mingzhang, "Dad" screenwriter Guo Shuang, Feng Yuan and Tong Dawei teamed up to build, starring Joe Chen, Wang Yibo, Lin Peng, just on Yao, Xie Shuai, Zhu Jing, Zhu Xin Lai rain co starred in the TV series "the world to taste is Qing Huan" boot conference held in Beijing. The conference site, Tong Dawei, Joe Chen for the first time cooperation site frequently interact, tacit understanding, the surprise is that the unlock the domestic TV drama has never been to the shoot in Budapest, Hungary, the mysterious beauty detonated media attention. Tong Dawei joked that "meet Jon Joe Chen won the lottery as a" Zanwang drama drama played by Tong Dawei Vanves, is an inspirational man of God of human life are all small, unexpected upset, but his interpretation of the "change danger into safety, life Misfortune may be an actual blessing." meaning. Speaking of this role, Tong Dawei called it: "open the game engineer". How to open up, Tong Dawei joked: "encountered in life, the lottery is played by Joe Chen Ann qinghuan. Jump off "idol drama actress" Adorable route, Joe Chen in recent years in the workplace with the image in front of everyone, but this turned Golden Queen Ann Qing Huan, Joe Chen also the interpretation of the character: "my character is very special, because I don’t like to play before familiar with the show, a bit like a cockroach girl, very optimistic". As everyone knows, Joe Chen is known as the most entertainment for the hostess said, "Tong Dawei is sitting on the" Wang play the male "reputation. When the "Wangwang" combination of fresh meet, two people out of the spark of love in the rub, at the conference site also sparks. Interactive sessions in the two party for the first time exposure of interactive drama trailers, verified Joe Chen for the evaluation of the drama "routine is not an ordinary person can guess". In the film, Tong Dawei the acrobat "possession" staged "pour out", the lovely Joe Chen "tongue" full, "on the" mobile phone "reveals the dynamic foot will not do" Queen of style, two people embarrassed attitude, "firepower" cynicism, let the joy is not broken. In addition to the funny story, Tong Dawei also staged a drama on the child heart, Tears scene so fans shouted ". Although this is the first collaboration with Tong Dawei and Joe Chen, but two people have no signs of shyness, for "a taste to describe each other" questions, Joe Chen said Tong Dawei is "human", Tong Dawei also made to Jon: "like Hot pot, very hot, but very straight, and privately. Evaluation of small girls", as if some friends for many years, there is no strangeness. Understanding in the photo session, a spoof of the style show and sell adorable Huan two people have love, also attracted the fans shouted: "before I didn’t work?" Wang Yibo close to "gift" Budapest into the first domestic drama "electric shock" Qing Huan is human to taste this seemingly very small drama, actually hidden mystery. Refining the title, in addition to containing the earth and an Ding Qing Huan name, also contains the friend相关的主题文章: